Corbyn the Spy! – Translated article from the CZECH iROZHLAS.

Corbyn could not cooperate with the StB even if he wanted to. The boss of our residence was a British agent, says the scientist

A new witness of former StB officer Ján Sarkocy, who claims that the laborer’s boss conscientiously worked and took the money, joined the State Security in the case of the collaboration between Labor chief Jeremy Corbyn and State Security. But this is rejected by the Director of the Security Services Archive Světlana Ptáčníková. According to her, he would have a totally different bundle. The former member of the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes, Radek Schovánek, also rejects Sarkocy’s words for the server.

“If he was a Corbyn agent, he should have a bundle led in another category. These are volumes of order four, that is, their numbers start at four, “Ptáčníková said.

She explained that the agent’s management had its exact rules, and when someone got it, it was transferred to a different type of volume. The former assailant’s allegations are in direct contradiction with archival materials.

The archive director said on Thursday that Corbyn probably did not know who he was meeting with. According to her statements, “it does not seem to me that she knew she was dealing with a witness”.

According to the UK issue of The Sun, the StB of the British Politics describes as a man with a negative “relationship with the United States and the current policy of the conservative government” that Thatcher had at that time, and his attitude to the Eastern Bloc was referred to as “positive” also about his alleged support of the “Soviet peace initiative”.


Former agent StB Sarkocy claims that Corbyn collaborated consciously with the Czechoslovak State Security (StB) in the 1980s and received money for it. He told reporters on Friday. At the same time, he confirmed earlier information that he had repeatedly met with Corby during his diplomatic post in London.

“He was (Corbyn) recruited. He also received money for the money, “Sarkocy said, even if he did not give the money himself. He added that Corby had” won “StB now a prominent member of the Labor Party, and that Corby’s recruitment was” under the protection of Russia. ”

“All of the information we received not only from him, but also from one supporting resource to make it verifiable, was rated in Moscow as” the leader. ” What we could not do was to do the Russians, “said Sarkocy, a 44-year-old living near Bratislava, for example. Corbyn, for example, attended twice a year a reception at the Czechoslovak embassy.

The content of the information Sarkocy did not specify. He only exaggerated that he knew what Britain’s then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher would have for breakfast, for lunch and dinner, and what clothes he would wear.

He added that perhaps Corby’s collaboration with the StB was not just money and that he had met him more than three times, as was the case in the past.

He also pointed out that the StB was interested in Corbyn, also considering his contacts with the family of the South African apartheid warrior and later President Nelson Mandela.

Asked if Corbyn knew he was talking not only with a diplomat but also with a StB member, Sarkocy replied that at that time there was no doubt that Czechoslovak diplomats were working for the StB.

Bad bondage

The claim is a ridiculous slander and is totally untrue. This was stated by a spokesman for the British opposition leader. Sarkozy’s description of the events is not credible and has more holes in the story than “a bad film about James Bond.”

“Jeremy was not an agent, intimate contact, an informant, or an associate of the Czechoslovak intelligence service. These statements are a ridiculous slander and absolutely untrue, “said the spokesman for the UK’s most powerful opposition party, referring to the statement by the head of the Czech Security Services Archive Svetlana Ptáčníková.

“How the former Czechoslovak agent Jan Sarkocy describes his encounter with Jeremy was untrue 30 years ago, it’s untrue now and it’s absolutely untrustworthy,” said Corbyn’s spokeswoman. “His account of events has more holes in the story than a bad movie about James Bond, “he added.


“From my experience, and from the knowledge of State Security documents, that testimony is not true. I would like to know what evidence Mr Sarkocy has put forward for his statement, “Radek Schovánek told

“There are no such documents in the Security Archives. Moreover, it is not so long ago that the Constitutional Court in Slovakia decided that testimonies of State Security officials are untrue. In fact, Mr. Sarkocy was not confined, so he can not talk about what he was doing there. If he did, he broke the oath, “adds Schovánek, saying that Sarkocy was not an agent but a cadre.

Corbyn said Corbyn could not cooperate with StB in the late 1980s in London even if he wanted to. “At that time, he was a representative of the resident Vlastimil Ludvík, with the name Pantůček, and he was a top agent of British intelligence, who informed the British party about everything Czechoslovak residences did. Undoubtedly, I have contacts with Mr. Jeremy Corbyn, “he said.

“So if Mr. Jeremy Corbyn even took some money by chance, like no evidence in the archive, it was undoubtedly under the control of British Intelligence. And, for example, in the 1960s, in the case of John Stonehouse or William Owen and others, when British Intelligence learned that they had cooperated, they had disappeared from political life. If the British side knew that Mr Corbyn had worked with the StB in the 1980s, he would no doubt have disappeared from politics in the 1990s and never appeared, “he said at the end.