Asking a Question, the Challenge open to us all


I know I’m not alone in becoming more ill, month by month, particularly hard is the growing feeling of defeat; don’t get me wrong I’m still striving, hence this post but…the slowness of publications speaks volumes.

I still try to read the news every day, I still work to support people with their disability issues through DEAEP, but the feeling of proverbially banging my head increases; when reading the columns of those journalists I still value, they also seem to feel fighting the Tory onslaught is futile.

What brought this home is the Mirrors 16 of the scariest things we just learnt about benefits reform, it writes of Sanctions, Hunger, Homelessness, Health, IT (crap systems) Debt and touches on Tory Lies; yet it fails to mention the ever-lengthening list of people who have DIED through Benefit Reform?

This is despite the growing evidence of what we all know, these deaths…

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A Message to Disabled Persons from Fightback4Justice/UNCRPD

From Fightback

I’ve been asked to give evidence to the United Nations, on behalf of our Fight-backers as to how the cuts/reforms are affecting disabled people in the UK. We hear so many stories daily and want to give a proportionate view and that’s why its very important that we back this up with real people, and real evidence for maximum impact. As well as getting a few people to give evidence in person, I think it would also be a good idea to hand them letters from people who have been affected badly too. Obviously it would be impossible for many to attend in person in Manchester so if you want to send your story to us in writing I need to have it by the 14th of this month. Please send to Fightback4justice Unit 7 Ela Mill Bury Lancashire BL9 7BW. I will put them all together and present them collectively on your behalf to the UN. Your story will not be published anywhere and will be used purely as evidence in a confidential manner. Furthermore it will be used to show how this government is affecting the disabled so badly, with its cuts and policy changes.
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