An Open Letter to the Prime Minister Theresa May

Dear Prime Minister May,

I write this open letter in good faith and hope it reaches you

I have made it an open letter for the benefit of my followers on social media and the wider public in the hope they can relate and understand how wide spread your Hostile Environment is, I say this because whilst I was shocked at how the Wind-rush Generations have been treated and of which I have every sympathy for them I can absolutely relate to it and totally understand how they feel and what must be going through their minds.

You see their plight could be seen as a mere pin prick in the grand scheme of hostility in general but none the less getting the condemnation it deserves but we must too now take a look at the much bigger picture as this hostile environment is not a reserve for just the wind-rush generation who are in every sense British but extends much further in society.

You see your hostile environment has and I feel deliberately by way of policy and legislation spread itself across more than the Home Office alone, it is rife within the Department of Works and Pensions too and the effects are a far greater number of citizens some of which may also be British citizens of the commonwealth.

It is a department defunct and unfit for purpose including the contractors it hires to carry out the inhuman work they have been tasked with, the WCA is an affront to decency in which you carry on wasting millions, the appeals process and universal credit are both prime examples added too with the removal of legal aid justice.

But it gets worse as this which you and the DWP constantly deny has caused countless deaths and suicides of people who have been pushed too far and can take no more, today I heard of another such case you can read it and reflect here

When will this wanton abuse end as this young lady is not the first and no doubt will not be the end.

The sick and disabled who want nothing more than to live without fear and retribution deserve better a lot better and your answer is to refute and totally discount the many reports already published from many charities, DPO’s and the UNCRPD who called it “Grave and Systemic Violations of the UNCRPD Charter” .

Your feeble remit is that it saves money but nothing is further from the truth as it actually costs more to implement and saves nothing, indeed it is just a political choice even a senior tribunal judge says the monetary waste to the ministry of justice is aberrant in cost and wasted court time due to the number of appeals they are getting which the DWP should have foresight in that they have no hope of winning.

This is mostly caused by contractors ATOS, MAXIMUS and CAPITA who constantly lie on assessments due to giving foresight to their income rather than getting assessments correct first time.

I could go on for an age about how disabled citizens yes they are citizens are constantly violated and end up living in poverty due to the barrage of cuts they face it is equally shameful and deserves the same condemnation it is not the nation we wish to live in whether that be trying to access transport, finding toilets that cater for our needs finding parking spaces that are not abused by the able citizen the list is almost endless but it is that hostile environment we are attached to every day.

Their needs to be real radical change in all areas with disabled citizens involved really listening to their concerns because until you do that hostile environment will not end.


I will now write a bit about my situation as I am sure it will further the hostile environment I talk about here.

I am a 54 year old male living in a Tory council area and thus do not get the support needed from my MP as true to form he follows party line and will not deviate from that.

I had a hemorrhagic stroke in 1991 at the young tender age of 27 it was nearly the end of my life due to a massive brain bleed of my middle cerebral artery that needed surgery and induced coma none the less after two years of rehabilitation I made good recovery but still had right sided physical and executive dysfunction of the brain so was disabled

However I returned to work in 1993 out of boredom which I rightly thought was the best course even if now looking back was maybe a bit too soon as I am sure you are aware recovery is a long and hard situation

I stayed in work until 2007 until the global crash took its toll redundancy was my remit and knew finding more work for me was going to be that much harder given my health but it never stopped me trying as that is where I wanted to be and thus not the scrounging rhetoric your Govt put out in the countless press and media reports.

Do you remember David Cameron saying just before he rose to office “No one should claim a benefit unless they had a real need? guess what I had that need since 1991 but never claimed a penny until 2007 so I had already saved Govt a fortune in the DLA I was entitled too no one told me then I could claim it and besides I never had the time too anyway as by the time I got home from work I was tired and fatigued so slept to ready myself for the next day but imagine what I thought when I heard him say that it brought a few tears.

Although I claim DLA now my claim is still not right but refuse to push it in case I lose the little I get and thus chosen to wait until I convert to PIP given that I have already lost ESA due to the draconian 365 day rule that should not apply to long term disability.

I am forced to live in poverty on just the middle rate of DLA through no fault of my own but chose to keep the Department of Works and Pensions at very long arms length due to the hostility they breed.

I would love to go back to work but unfortunately it is not geared for someone like me and you even got rid of remploy a service set and geared for someone like me, none of your Govts policy and legislation measures in this area has ever made any sense and has been like trying to keep a sinking ship from sinking.

I hope you can take a long hard rethink of the damage, hostility and loss of life you are causing and change it for the better

Yours Sincerely

Leon Carter







Striking Resemblance with Windrush

I have built this thread with Thread reader so it was easier to bring to this forum

Whilst I do  not wish to take away the absolute shambles caused to the windrush generation which has rightly been condemned by MPs and ciizens alike I had to make this observation.


The reason so was because when I read the thread it had a striking resemblance to that suffered by disabled people they have faced the same hostile environment whether that be with the DWP its contractors or indeed some citizens who lack the understanding.

They have been under pressure for evidence paperwork when many just like the windrush generation find it hard to produce due to time passed, legislation that is their to work against them, DWP Employees who lie through their teeth contractors who care more about getting the money rolling in than they do about the disabled citizens they are there to assess via a draconian test.

Appeals that are often won and were millions are wasted on fruitless appeals that should never have gone to appeal as this senior tribunal judge makes clear.

This Govt never either took heed from the reports from the UN CRPD and in which they said “Grave and Systemic Violations” they were not wrong because as reported tonight life has been lost from the Windrush Generation so too has many disabled lives been needlessly lost.

It is my belief that this Hostile Environment affects us all in some form or another and is honed in just about every Government Department indeed it is the bywords of Tory Government whether you are Disabled, Immigrant, Refugee, Homeless, a child in education without a free school meal, Unemployed through no fault of your own, a family facing the barrage of cuts, wanting access to justice via legal aid, foodbank user, struggling under poverty etc you will face this Tory Hostile Environment as it is written to be so in every piece of Tory legislation.

I’ve said it countless times before and ill say it again the civil service from all departments including the DWP who dish out the same “Hostile Environment” should not become the Tories lackeys and should now start showing some humanity and go on strike in support of the citizens they are their to help and as a mark that the WILL NOT accept this hostile environment any more.

As a final passing thought how can our Prime Minister have the audacity to call herself Christian.