After the past week of innuendo and untruths by MSM they now need to take a look at themselves.

After the past week of smears aimed at Jeremy Corbyn in the right wing press which has by now been thoroughly debunked and caused Corbyn to instruct a solicitor and release a stern statement to mainstream press and media it is now time that the mainstream press and media take a look at themselves.

I say this because they are not only fueling right wing fanatics but also harming themselves, their print reader base is already falling and that can only continue when public are feed the same old baloney.

They are losing touch with public thinking the very public that is their very survival and indeed the MSM needs to come together in a meeting and rethink their strategy as their interests are best served with working with Corbyn and not alienating him.

The majority of the public are crying out for real change and the kind of policies that Corbyn offers and a reset of Government and if the press and media carry on as they are they will be left out in the cold.

The Tories are falling to pieces with no policies and the ones they do have they are rolling back on to try and appease the electorate which simply will not work because after over 2 years of Corbyn being leader the public have seen they can have better far better than the hogwash May is offering.

So press and media you have a choice you can either accept the changes that are coming and get onboard to help form the next Govt and it’s policies or you can take the wrath and hits to your income

With the birth of social media the MSM no longer have carte blanche over the articles they print and are often through citizens research often debunked within a matter of hours which in turn breeds negativity in MSM and thus the falling print count and thus I have to ask what has happened to journalistic research which used to be fairly good but now stands at a zero point score as we have seen this week in all it’s nasty glory.

The choice is yours.