Austerity and Public Law: Michael Adler: Benefit Sanctions and the Rule of Law

UK Constitutional Law Association

Editors’ note: The blog is running a new series titled ‘Austerity and Public Law’. The theme explores the implications or impact of the austerity measures in the UK or any European or Commonwealth government have had on public law or the enjoyment of public law rights. We welcome further submissions of 1,000 words or less, though longer pieces may be considered if the subject matter warrants it.

AdlerIn this blog, I wish to draw attention to the enormous growth in the severity, the scope and the incidence of benefit sanctions in the UK since the turn of the century, and to assess the compatibility of the current sanctions regime with the ‘rule of law’. Few people have written as clearly on the ‘rule of law’ as Tom Bingham and I use his analysis as my starting point (The Rule of Law (London: Allen Lane, 2010)). According to Tom Bingham…

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