WARNING: This post will contain expletives of which I make no apology as I believe in expressing in type how you feel so walk away now if you cannot stomach such.


Well I say society because if you are not an “I’m alright jack” you really should not and be making a collective stand against such abuse and abuse, bullying IS exactly what it is and we used to be a nation that would not put up with it and that now seems to be the case sadly.

The #UNCRPD17 made its forth report just a few weeks ago and are beloved Tory party stuck it’s two fingers up to them and denied it was true but really if that was the case why the fuck is this happening so often.

Terminally-ill cancer patients among hundreds appealing PIP decisions

Quite an appalling headline I am sure you will agree but lets stop for one minute from our busy lives and let that sink in because it DOES NOT need to happen as the legislation and policy was fine as it was before these shysters came to governance.

I am angry fucking ANGRY but I am also sad for those having to be forced though this abuse like cattle and absolutely no concern or feelings for these TERMINALLY ill citizens, do they think they have not got enough to deal with as it is getting there families ready for there eventual deaths.


There is a specific form for this it’s called a DS1500 which is not available online and can only be filled in by a medical PROFESSIONAL yes someone who fucking knows you twats and that should be all that is needed it does not need constant reassessment, mandatory reconsideration or TRIBUNAL.

There is no remission from illness and a DDS1500 is exactly that an end of life form to prove final entitlement and no ifs no buts it should be accepted.

All that is not only fucking wasteful to the treasury that puts needless cases before a judge and why 65% of cases are RIGHTFULLY WINNING it is also causing fucking needless harm and suffering to the TERMINAL PATIENT it is as if you enjoy doing what you are doing and cant wait to fucking kill them off as a waste to society.

Guess what they are citizens until there last breath and DESERVE respect and compassion and dare I say there remaining lives not only to the patient but family too made as easy as possible.

It should not be filled with your bullshit as that is what it is BULLSHIT that causes distress and anxiety.

Citizens PLEASE wake up and DO NOT accept this a DS1500 is all that should be needed from a PROFESSIONAL not some jumped up lackey. Ask yourself do you want this abuse for your family because it does affect us all including those I’M Alright Jacks.





Breaking: huge win for left candidates in vital #CAC election

See what can be done when Socialism and Labour Left pull together


minions cheer.gif

News just in that left-wing, grassroots candidates Seema Chandwani and Billy Hayes have won by a landslide in the crucial election for Labour’s CAC (Conference Arrangements Committee):

djcelvrxuaestfsCongratulations to both candidates – and to the people who organised, campaigned and voted for them to overcome questionable behaviour by Labour HQ and ‘surprising‘ campaigning by rivals.

Ms Chandwani tweeted that a ‘girl from a council estate from Tottenham’ had won top spot, which shows this to be a major victory for grassroots democracy as well as for Labour’s left generally – and for that it’s doubly welcome.

The pair will not take their seats until after this year’s annual Conference in Brighton, which means there will still be a fight to make sure departing CAC members do not take damaging decisions as departing NEC members did at last year’s Liverpool event.

But the left will have a solid majority…

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Desperate minority govt trying to bypass democracy


As the Huffington Post pointed out yesterday, the government is trying to rig Parliament by passing a rule on the composition of parliamentary committees to guarantee a Tory majority on the ‘powerhouses of all prospective laws’.

hp powergrab.jpgNot content with a £1.5 billion bribe to the DUP to form a weak government, the Tories are now trying to get around its vulnerability to defeat in Commons votes – by bypassing the vote and essentially ignoring the democratic result of the General Election.

Labour called this “an unprecedented power grab by a minority government that lost its moral authority as well as its majority at the General Election“. Truer words were never spoken.

The Tories are so desperate to cling onto power and maintain their pillaging of the country that they’ve let let even any pretence of democracy fall away and are nakedly seeking to create an effective dictatorship.


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It is not often I bring appeal court judgments to this blog but this one is off importance to many, it was past down in the upper tier tribunal with a panel of 3 judges.

Many of us know the sheer pain in the backside exercising our lawful right in appealing a decision that we feel is manifestly wrong and goes against all principals of fairness and indeed lawfulness so imagine my surprise when I got wind of this judgment via email from benefits and work so I scurried off in search of the full judgment attached below.

The wastage in misspent public money is mind blowing and is a careless double hit to Govt because not only are they paying millions to Capita, ATOS and Maximus for this failed Work Capability Assessments with no recourse for refund if thy get it wrong but they are paying again for tribunals that never should be.

Now we hear that the Department for Works and Pensions have been actively putting up the barriers to block appeals to tribunal after already turning down a mandatory reconsideration.


That’s easy to attempt to cover up how many decisions at tribunal are being won and cover up the failings of the contractors.

Many of us thought that was the case and now we have as proof in the upper tier tribunal win but to deny a claimants right to justice is nothing short of DISGUSTING and smacks of corruption.



Confirmed: it’s #Leonard v #Sarwar for Scottish Labour


leonard sarwarConflicting rumours have been circulating today about the Scottish Labour leadership. The BBC and others have been reporting that Richard Leonard and Anas Sarwar ’emerged as favourites’, but neither man has formally confirmed that they would stand.

There have also been rumours that no one would stand against Sarwar, giving the ‘centrist’ a walk-over in a win that would set Labour back enormously in Scotland.

A very highly-placed Labour source has told the SKWAWKBOX that there will definitely be no walk-over – and that Scottish Labour’s economy spokesman Richard Leonard will stand.

As no other candidates appear to be interested, it’s therefore set to be a straight fight between a centrist with a voting record that will incense left-wingers – and MSP Leonard, who defied and incensed ex-leader Kezia Dugdale last year by making a statement in support of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party.

Formal announcements are expected…

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£10 an Hour NLW is it Affordable to Businesses

I see this subject doing the rounds again in mainstream media and have had a few on social media challenging whether it is affordable, workable and deliverable, In my mind it is so more on that below.

The first impression I have often got is that business owners see the switch from a single digit National Living Wage i.e £7.50 to a double digit one i.e £10.00 and automatically come to the opinion it is unaffordable and the scaremongering ensues with the comments as to why it is unaffordable.

So lets take a look at that figure of £10 and break it down, if you should be lucky enough doing 39 hours a week over 52 weeks it works out at a yearly sum of £20,280 some may work it out differently but here we will keep it simple but regardless that is the yearly sum give or take a few quid.

That £20,280 a year Gross now does not look so great now given the cost of living and amounts to £1,690 monthly gross, take off income tax and NI and its £1,422.51







If you have other deductions besides Tax and NI you can calculate it here:


I am sure most will agree that when you take into account living costs and housing £1,422.51 is no great sum given the cost of mortgages let alone anything else and with energy companies and other corporates wanting ever more from us this £10 an hour NLW is much needed and shows just how £7.50 is unaffordable to the workforce and why poverty is becoming rampant, it is my opinion which I hope others share that if you are working at least 39 hours a week you bloody well deserve to be looked after and paid enough to meet expenses.

£10 an Hour is not unafforable to employers and if they cannot afford it they need to seriously look at there business models as its not working and remember that £10 an hour helps them as it will generate spending which in-turn creates demand and an increase in profit and employment levels this is basic ecomonics, it also creates happy and healthy employees which reduces demand on public services.

Finally it is my opinion that a £10 an hour NLW cannot wait until 2020 and needs to happen now and certainly at the begining of a new government for the reasons above.





#McDonaldsStrike: “They’re not lovin’ it, but we’re human beings”


As the Huffington Post and other outlets have publicised, staff at two McDonalds stores – in Crayford in East London and in Cambridge – have voted by over 95% in favour of strike action in their fight for fair treatment by the fast-food giant:

hodson hp.jpgThe strike action is scheduled for 4 September with a rally outside McDonald’s HQ in East Finchley on 2 September. Full details of both are below.

The case of the McDonald’s workers should be an eye-opener for many. Fast-food workers get a rough deal in more ways than one – low wages, insecure hours and a lack of sympathy engendered by the popular impression of them as low-skilled people doing the only job they can get: who hasn’t heard of teachers telling their pupils ‘If you don’t work hard, you’ll end up flipping burgers in McDonalds’?

But the reality is a long way from the cliché…

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