Rio 2016 – We are the SuperHumans

Anyone watched the advert on channel 4 for the paralympic games about to start?


Don’t know about you but it made me crawl in disgust portraying them in such a way like there disabilities make them some Super Human, in a way perhaps they are given what they have gone through in all the years up to that point, but they do not show that on TV and thus many will not understand that.

Maybe if the broadcasters  showed the daily struggles they have in competing it would be different but that side will never be shown.

The struggles packing ready to go to such an event, the struggles travelling and getting the carers to assist the struggles eating, sleeping, managing the pain many will have whilst away the struggles ensuring they have medical back up, the struggles getting up and ready in the morning, the struggles putting on and taking of artificial limbs etc. etc. you see what I am getting at they may not feel they are Super Human behind the scenes as everything is 2, 3, 4 times harder and it is that which you will not see which makes them Super Human not the competing itself.

We too must remember that not all disabled citizens can reach those sporting achievements just the same as not all able bodied can and thus we must not have a repeat of London 2012 were many felt put out after the event including some of those paralympians who lost support and benefit entitlements.

They all make me proud for what they achieve but they are still disabled who need support and help now and in the future and just because they have attained a high level of training to compete in sport does not mean they do not face the same barriers in life other disabled citizens do.

To that end I wish them all well and can bring home a stack of golds because they would have earned them far more in my eyes than able bodied Olympians. .

Democracy MUST win the day

With all the infighting within the Labour Party over the past few month’s one has to ask what for, we seem to be ruled by a bunch of I’m alright jacks and Blairism is keen to jump on the bandwagon with nothing learned over the past 6 years of austerity were harm and suffering yes real harm and suffering has hurt many what for what have we as a nation become.

The UN report on Austerity is a good indicator it is a report all MP’s should be thoroughly ashamed off I know I am and I never even caused it, but we must remember it has nothing to do with fiscal policy and did not have to be this way as we could have just as easily used the bank bailouts to invest to grow and pay down the debt.

No it was a political decision from the start to feed the well off who do not need any more wealth and make those who do to survive suffer whilst blaming them for all the nations ills a pretty plan for the tories and right-wing faction of the Labour Party so much so I bet they did not think the left would rise up and fight back!

The hard fought fights of DPAC are a good example of the weakest in society taking on the elites and making inroads.

I must admit I am relatively new to the political scene it came out in 2010 due to having to give up work through no fault of mine the SAH Stroke I had suffered 27 years previous was taking it’s toll on my body and became too painful to carry on so I left in the hope of taking on a less strenuous role to fill my time.

In the years since 2010 I have had the time to take an interest and learn a lot and get more involved in social media were I have enjoyed connecting with fellow citizens I must say it has been somewhat of a roller-coaster period with many ups and downs but in the main I have enjoyed it. My life before due to fatigue was just work and sleep.

Now this is the rub the Tories dislike, whilst they have been busy making themselves richer they took their fingers off the pulse and the left from from being dumb have been rising and rising fearing the effects of austerity that effect us all to the point we are at now.

Is it any wonder why Jeremy Corbyn and his supporting MP’s are popular? they give the hard pressed and disenfranchised hope of a better future that this nation is crying out for, none of these people wish to be rich and elite they just want enough support to live healthy and full-filling lives something our Government can afford to give to all the vast amounts of money wasted, sent to off-shore accounts whilst still being the 5th richest nation in the world proves that point and by investing in the nations people brings big gains to the Government indeed it is time that Jeremy Corbyn’s vision of Governing for all came to fruition .

Short term doom and bust for the few must end and be replaced with long term investment in homes, health and jobs and let those gains filter through to all and to that end the working classes must continue to rise and rid this nation of the Blairites both within the PLP and the NEC, there days are over and a new beginning must start with real democracy at it’s core.


UN Report on UK Austerity


The Crippled Estate of BBC Spin

No Time to Think

THERE is quite a storm raging around the hallowed sanctuary of the British Broadcasting Corporation today.

As a hard news journalist of some 30 years standing I am angry at the events which have unfolded, but not at all surprised.

It is a few weeks since I blogged on The Bankruptcy of the Fourth Estate and The Loaded Language of the British Press and it feels that today a few of those journalist chickens have come home to roost.

So let’s bring you up to speed.

Soon after Jeremy Corbyn’s election as leader of the Labour Party last September, the BBC was accused of an ‘anti Corbyn bias’ and challenged with a 61,000 strong petition demanding that they stop using the prefix ‘left-wing’ when reporting on events related to his leadership.

But even before he won a stunning 59.5% of the vote, ensuring the largest democratic mandate of…

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Some more thoughts on the Stephen Doughty resignation


I put a post up yesterday about the BBC’s role in the resignation of Labour front-bencher Stephen Doughty. It’s the first instance of something I’ve written ‘going viral’. The post was based on another blog post written by someone who works on the Daily Politics show, which was then quickly removed from the BBC website. When I read it, I thought it was an interesting story worth highlighting. I had my own initial thoughts about how I felt about it, but was interested in finding out what other people thought. Now I’ve had a bit more time to think about it and seen other people’s reactions, I thought I’d write this as a kind of update to the original post.

It’s not too much of an over-reaction to say that opinion was split into two groups, on one side journalists, and people who used to be more influential in the…

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Austerity and Public Law: Michael Adler: Benefit Sanctions and the Rule of Law

UK Constitutional Law Association

Editors’ note: The blog is running a new series titled ‘Austerity and Public Law’. The theme explores the implications or impact of the austerity measures in the UK or any European or Commonwealth government have had on public law or the enjoyment of public law rights. We welcome further submissions of 1,000 words or less, though longer pieces may be considered if the subject matter warrants it.

AdlerIn this blog, I wish to draw attention to the enormous growth in the severity, the scope and the incidence of benefit sanctions in the UK since the turn of the century, and to assess the compatibility of the current sanctions regime with the ‘rule of law’. Few people have written as clearly on the ‘rule of law’ as Tom Bingham and I use his analysis as my starting point (The Rule of Law (London: Allen Lane, 2010)). According to Tom Bingham…

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Asking a Question, the Challenge open to us all


I know I’m not alone in becoming more ill, month by month, particularly hard is the growing feeling of defeat; don’t get me wrong I’m still striving, hence this post but…the slowness of publications speaks volumes.

I still try to read the news every day, I still work to support people with their disability issues through DEAEP, but the feeling of proverbially banging my head increases; when reading the columns of those journalists I still value, they also seem to feel fighting the Tory onslaught is futile.

What brought this home is the Mirrors 16 of the scariest things we just learnt about benefits reform, it writes of Sanctions, Hunger, Homelessness, Health, IT (crap systems) Debt and touches on Tory Lies; yet it fails to mention the ever-lengthening list of people who have DIED through Benefit Reform?

This is despite the growing evidence of what we all know, these deaths…

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A Message to Disabled Persons from Fightback4Justice/UNCRPD

From Fightback

I’ve been asked to give evidence to the United Nations, on behalf of our Fight-backers as to how the cuts/reforms are affecting disabled people in the UK. We hear so many stories daily and want to give a proportionate view and that’s why its very important that we back this up with real people, and real evidence for maximum impact. As well as getting a few people to give evidence in person, I think it would also be a good idea to hand them letters from people who have been affected badly too. Obviously it would be impossible for many to attend in person in Manchester so if you want to send your story to us in writing I need to have it by the 14th of this month. Please send to Fightback4justice Unit 7 Ela Mill Bury Lancashire BL9 7BW. I will put them all together and present them collectively on your behalf to the UN. Your story will not be published anywhere and will be used purely as evidence in a confidential manner. Furthermore it will be used to show how this government is affecting the disabled so badly, with its cuts and policy changes.
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