“Amazed how nervous she was” – why .@theresa_may really won’t debate ‘GE17


A Dudley pensioner’s encounter may have given us the key to the real reason that Theresa ‘Chicken’ May has ducked (sorry to mix bird words) out of any debates with other party leaders.

mills on may

As the local paper the Express and Star revealed, Graham Mills was unimpressed when he met the current Prime Minister while mowing his lawn:

I was cutting my grass at the time when I saw a load of cars pull up and she came towards me.

First of all she asked if she could walk across my lawn and I said no, not really, I have just cut it.

I started by asking her why she would not debate the other leaders on the TV and she said ‘well we meet every Wednesday’ and I said that is hardly an answer and asked if she thought she owed it to the public. Again I did not really…

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A ‘Freaky Sunday’ tale of two polls shows why only one means anything: #GE17


The front pages of two of Sunday’s newspapers tell a remarkable story. It’s not the story either of them is trying to tell:

two pollsThe picture is extremely murky and difficult to unpick. The Daily Mirror is traditionally a Labour newspaper, but its recent history is one of attacking Labour’s leader Jeremy Corbyn. In a General Election campaign, the supposedly left-wing tabloid is carrying a front page featuring a poll that supposedly shows the Tories reaching 50% in an opinion poll.

The Daily Mail is a poisonous right-wing publication that delights in trashing the Labour Party, has a history of supporting British fascism and fawning over Theresa May. It carries a poll showing that the Tory lead has halved almost overnight because of the Tories’ chaos and hubris over planned tax-increases.

In other words, it’s almost as if the two had undergone a ‘Freaky Friday’-type mind-swap, with each behaving as you…

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Wipe the smile off her face – and get YOUR future back

more follows

This is aimed at the young people of Britain. It begins with an apology and, like all good marketing pitches and therapeutic interventions, ends with a call to action.

First, the apology. You have been let down by your parents’ and grandparents’ generations. They – we, though some of us have tried to stop it – have gradually dismantled much of what made this country great. And in doing so, they have poisoned your future.

They have told you there is no alternative to a country where the public services that my generation took for granted as we grew up are rapidly consigned to the bin, where the NHS and education are starved of funds, where inequality continues to grow, where secure well-paid jobs become harder and harder to find, where pensions (yes, even you will one day need something to live on when you get older) are stolen from…

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Theresa May – Give the elderly, disabled and vulnerable the Care they deserve

Dear Prime Minister, If my research is correct then I understand that your own ancestors lived in poverty with both your grandmothers working in service and your grandfather worked as a butler.

Your parents must have had to go without as they grew?

I am writing to you in my capacity as a Support worker for individuals with learning disabilities (ex student nurse) to ask that you give our social care sector an urgent agenda.

The Care Cap has been delayed until 2020 yet your own government have only agreed to put £2 billion into the threadbare system over the next three years. To add insult to injury, us support workers and carers have been set a “living wage” of £7.50 per hour whilst working in dangerous conditions.

I have personally worked in care homes that were seriously understaffed which meant the people receiving care suffered. “Poor treatment in a care home” is indeed a breach of article 8 of the human rights act (HRA, 1998) and your current care legislation is totally incompatible. I am no legal expert but from what I understand, every care home should be placed on special measures by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as providers simply cannot meet all of the standards of your own legislation.

Safeguarding is paramount and YOU are not doing that at all. At local level, we support workers that earn around your “living wage” are also paying an increase into our council tax rates (just like everyone else) yet we are paying into such a frail system it could collapse at any point.

I am recommending that all support workers and carers report immediately to the CQC the following….

Short staffing

Unsafe practise

Not enough rest time between shifts

The wage of around £7.50 ph The fact that our elderly, disabled and vulnerable that pay for their care are being treated in a way that tantamount to financial abuse and neglect.

It’s time to give people the care they deserve.

Pay us more and introduce the Care Cap with immediate effect.

Yours Sincerely

Miss Sarah Wiles

Loughborough UK

Theresa May – Give the elderly, disabled and vulnerable the Care they deserve

Labour right’s one-delegate scam has no basis in the party’s rules


The SKWAWKBOX has learned from a huge number of sources that many CLP ‘execs’ (constituency Labour party executive committees – the Chair, Secretary etc) are forcing their CLP this year to only send a single delegate to the Party’s annual Conference in Brighton this autumn.

mcdonnell-conferenceThis appears to be happening almost exclusively in the many CLPs where the majority of the members are pro-Corbyn but the exec – either inherited or else kept that way by various tactics or subterfuges – is anti-Corbyn.

It also appears beyond reasonable doubt that it is a tactic intended to help the right defeat the McDonnell Amendment, which is intended to make sure left-leaning members have a good candidate to vote for in future leadership elections.

The number of delegates a CLP sends to Conference is important for at least two reasons. Firstly, while in theory a single delegate votes with…

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Here’s a copy of Labour’s 2017 rulebook


It ought to be easy to find a copy of the current Labour rules online. It isn’t.

A democratic party ought to be very keen to encourage its members to get to grips with its rules and procedures. There is a link on Labour’s Membersnet site but it doesn’t work and hasn’t for some time. Occasionally, other organisations make a copy available, but the SKWAWKBOX hasn’t seen the 2017 rules on any of these sites.

labrules 2017This blog has been able to get hold of a PDF of the 2017 rulebook and is pleased to make it available to download for anyone who wants it. We encourage every member and supporter to read it and at least get a basic understanding of key sections, such as the rules for Conference delegates.

The document can be downloaded here: Rule Book 2017 Labour

Please share this article so everyone who wants the rule-book…

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Coroners versus DWP

Stop MP lies & corruption

A number of coroners have come out and stated the DWP played a role in the death of their clients. The DWP have the cheek to say the coroners are wrong – who are you more likely to believe – the professionals whose job it is to investigate deaths or a Government department with its own agenda?

Coroner Michael Oakley said the DWP benefits assessment was key to the death of Nick Barker.  Coroner Andrew Haigh concluded the death of Tim Salter was mostly caused by the DWP who drastically reduced his benefit.  Coroner Mary Hassell found that the trigger for Michael O’Sullivan‘s suicide was his recent assessment by a DWP doctor as being fit for work.

Meanwhile these people died under questionable circumstances with the DWP.  Cecilia Burns had cancer.  The DWP declared her fit for work.  She appealed the decision but died shortly after…

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