Clap for Boris – Really

Some are asking and disgusted with the left for not Clapping for Boris Johnson I guess they have short memories.

Now I hope he recovers, as I would wish for anyone whether they are Left, Right or Centre as that that is the humanely thing to do, however I stop short of over egging it and whilst I and many did clap for the NHS they were in a different catagory and deserved such praise as this is the NHS that has taken a beating over the past 10 years.

They have had to work under extreme pressure often not being able to offer the operations many need due to Governmental cuts to budgets leading to ward and department closures as well as hospital closures too

They have also cut staffing levels from cleaning to medical professionals and everyone in between but everyone with a job as important as the next and despite this they have carried on to the best of there abilities, that is why they rightly deserved the prasise and why Johnson and any Tory MP for that matter does not as it is not about whether he is ill, and to praise him is to say well done old boy you have done well with the NHS.

Lets not forget this is also the man who wanted Herd Immunity, failed on PPE, failed on Ventilators, failed on testing, that has made the pandemic far worse than it could have been and thinks writing off £13.4 Billion of NHS debt will make it all right when the long term damage that has been done to the NHS will take years to put right as facilities buildings and trained employees cannot happen over night.

So all you on the right get off your high horses as we on the left have long memories and the damage done to one of the worlds best institutions over the past 10 years cannot be cast aside and forgotten it matters and could have made better outcomes of this Covid19 pandemic.

I hope Johnson makes a good recovery, I also hope he has learnt from his first hand experience in one of the UKs top leading hospitals and can get back to work as Prime Minister putting right the errosion of the NHS so we can all enjoy a well funded NHS just as he has as we all have a right to life.

If he can do that then I will only be to pleased to praise him as then it will be justified but I am not holding out HOPE.

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