Disability Activists – Lions ‘Led’ by Donkeys

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the sad state of the UK today)

I never usually reveal my personal situation in blog posts. I prefer to stay anonymous – not for legal reasons but I find it prevents criticisms becoming too personal. However, I’m going to make an exception in this case because I know this blog post is going to attract some criticism from people I usually like to regard as allies.

There’s probably only one thing worse than being disabled or sick. And that’s having a child who is disabled or sick.

And I have two.

That’s why it really bothers me to see the appalling way the sick and the disabled are being treated in this country today.

Of course we all know that politicians and tabloid journalists and even comedians like to scapegoat people – and it seems to be the turn of the sick and the disabled at the…

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A new start.

Consumer Credit Litigation, Banking & Debt Collection

Most people who know me will know that i have left Watsons Solicitors. The firm has taken the decision to close, and that meant that i had to secure employment elsewhere.

For those who were wondering where i will be working, i can confirm that I start my new career with Howlett Clarke Solicitors (Brighton) tomorrow. I will be covering the same area of law as i did at Watsons, so if you need advice on consumer credit law then please get in touch.

Over the coming weeks i will be blogging on a number of areas of consumer credit law, much like i did on my old blog, there have been some interesting decisions recently handed down from the County Court right up to the Court of Appeal which will get a mention.

Watch this space

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