Just when you thought Iain Duncan Smith could not stoop any lower……….

Permission given by those concerned in this article

They have request that this be blogged and that I help in making it go viral so I ask if you agree with what has been published here you too share, blog and retwit as this is a new low of Iain Duncan Smith and I for one am truly disgusted not only with his reply letter that did not even touch base with the issues raised he also chose to pass the buck this smacks of total incompetence.

The person this refers to is a BRITISH CITIZEN indeed she has lived here all her life, was born in Chingford LONDON and is a UK Passport Holder. She has worked here paid her taxes here, however this Govt want to send her to Holland.

The letter I will copy and paste below is a letter sent to Iain Duncan Smith by the concerned mother on the Sun, 22 Sep 2013 it goes into greater detail that I cannot type because it is so upsetting:

My mum’s reply:

Dear ***

Unfortunately, despite my agreeing that my daughter , Laurel Duut and I would leave her problem to be sorted out by the Court, rather than troubling you any further, I am sorry to say that further confusions occurred.

To Summarise:

If you recall, I had an appointment to see Mr Iain Duncan Smith in 2011 because I am in his constituency, and have been here since 1966 raising my family, teaching and running a specialist bird shop, and also my daughter Laurel was born, went to school and raised her own family in the same constituency.

I came to see Mr Duncan Smith, in the hope of having his support for her and her husband. It was a very difficult time for them both as Peter had become very ill and so was unable to work and to continue supporting Laurel, either physically as her carer or financially, and to add to their problems, they were told that he should return to Holland, as he was not considered elligible to live here. He had been supporting her since 2002, when all her benefits were stopped – even her child benefit for her sons. This is still a major problem and to this day has not been sorted out. She has also had all her National Insurance stamps removed, and she had worked all her life, until she herself became a carer for her son and father, and was too ill herself to work.

Peter took her and her son back to stay initially in his parents’ home in Holland and was able to get work there and to support them all. Laurel was unable to work.

In 2007, the DLA rules changed and allowed expats, unable to work, to receive some of the DLA while abroad, and so Laurel applied and was turned down.

In 2008, with a promise of work in the UK for Peter and accommodation available near their sons in Suffolk, they returned to be near them and to advise them. In 2009 Laurel was awarded DLA while living in the UK minus the first 6 months, which was eventually awarded to her after a battle with the authorities.

Then in 2011 Peter became ill, and the nightmare began. Basically they were refused all normal benefits and Peter was also told that he did not have the right to live in the UK any more. They both starved and Peter died at the end of the year. It was all headlines in the newspapers.

Then in 2012, Laurel’s application for the 2007 DLA , and her National Insurance stamps and was taken to Court and she won her case. She waited to receive the payment and stamps, and then heard that Mr Duncan Smith had appealed twice in Court to have the payment stopped and had the appeal refused.

I have found this very sad, that after appealing to Mr Duncan Smith in person for help in sorting their benefits out, he has chosen to actually fight the Court’s decision to award a benefit that would have helped her, and of course, having her National Insurance Stamps returned is essential.


Since writing to you, recently, there has been a very upsetting incident. Laurel phoned me when she received a letter from The Administrative Support Centre. It said that the recipient was to complete the Appeal application and return it. She was very distressed indeed because she has taken her case to Court and won it. She is now waiting for the missing money to arrive together with her missing National insurance stamps. She was very confused and when she read the letter to me, I realised immediately that it was a mistake and so she rang The Administrative Support Centre and was told that I was correct and the application was intended for Iain Duncan Smith’s department and that he had applied for a further Appeal to take place and that he was aiming to have the decision made by the Judge, stopped and also that he wanted Laurel sent out of the country. The Administrative support centre apologised profusely for their error in sending Mr Duncan Smith’s papers to Laurel and told her to ignore the Appeal application completely and they assured her that another one would be sent to Mr Duncan Smith instead.
So now, there is a plan for my daughter Laurel, born and bred in Chingford to be forced from the UK, in addition to not being awarded the DLA owing to her or receiving her National Insurance Stamps !

I cannot imagine why all this is taking place. I can only assume that a very, very big mistake has been made and that you have confused Laurel with somebody else?

Please look into this at once and explain just what and why all this is happening.

To add to all this, Laurel is very ill and attending Addenbrookes Hospital and undergoing operations on her arms and spine. She ( and I ) does not need this harassment. She is still mourning the death of her husband who died starving and knowing that our Government wanted him out of the UK, despite all that he had done working here and supporting his wife and children.

Yours Truly,
Anita Lincoln
She needs the support from your department and from Mr Duncan Smith that I requested

Iain Duncan Smiths reply:


I think many of you will like my believe this is disgusting the poor woman has been through enough already and my heart goes out to her, she is at her wits end and want her day in court with Iain Duncan Smith.

I for one hopes she gets that as she really should not be fighting now as her case has been won already.

I think you will agree after reading this that Iain Duncan Smith is not Human and is devoid of any empathy or motality


I now bring you an update to these tragic set of circumstances which is just a snippet of how corrupt this Government is indeed I believe they think they are above the law and any other person would be in Contempt of Court.

Below is a further letter from L J Duut’s Mother who is a constituent of Iain Duncan Smith:

My mother has just sent a response to her letter as follows: 01/11/2013

Ref: POS(1)4004/238

Dear Ms N*** and Mr Duncan Smith,

I have received a letter from Mr Iain Duncan Smith, dated 28th October 2013, stating that it is in reply to my email of 22nd September 2013, that was sent to Ms Jo Nash.

The letter is totally out of context and does not relate to my letter in any way.

I am now attaching an emailed letter of authority from my daughter giving me permission to act on her behalf in this matter.

I am also sending the original letter again , in the hope that you will be able to re-read it and reply appropriately.

Laurel does have DLA and we do not need the advice you have provided, regarding how to claim it. However, her application for it in 2007, for 2007, was rejected, when she was in Holland, and since she returned to the UK the European Court of Justice overturned the decision and she has been waiting for the allowance to be paid to her. This is one of the matters that you are contesting with a number of appeals in Court. You are also withholding her National Insurance Stamps from her and attempting to have her removed from the UK.

This is all very frightening for me and her sons, their partners, her grandchildren and the numerous friends she has in the UK and around the world.

You are my MP and you are meant to support me. However, I feel intimidated and completely let down. Laurel’s MP is obviously unable to oppose your court actions.

It is interesting that you have written that ‘No one, including Ministers, can interfere with the decision-making process.’ – but you have!

I wait to hear from you urgently.

Below is the Tribunal Court Case Judgment papers which Laurel has won:

LJ Duut Tribunal case 1LJ Duut Tribunal Case 2Tribunal Letter LJ DuutUpper Tier Tribunal Decision Notice LJ Duut

In the granted appeal document above in paragraph two note the word again JURISDICTION just why has that came up again, as it has already been proven that the Appellant has JURISDICTION and is a UK Resident with a link to the UK i.e being born here.

Furthermore more just why is Iain Duncan Smith appealing a Tribunal Court Decision made nearly a year ago surely that should have been done within 28 days of the decision made not 279 days after.

There appears to be a motive why Iain Duncan Smith wants Laurel out of the country and why her National Insurance Stamps as well as Benefits stopped clearly she is in the way of something perhaps this holds the answers:


My thanks to Laurel for bringing this to my attention.

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The five Supreme Court justices upheld a Court of Appeal decision, made against the government in February.

The case had been brought by Cait Reilly, a geology graduate who, while unemployed but volunteering at a local museum in order to gain experience towards getting a curator’s job, had been ordered by the Department for Work and Pensions to work for her benefits, stacking shelves at Poundland.

It should be remembered that Poundland is perfectly capable of employing its own workers on full wages. At the time, it ran 390 stores nationwide and made £21,500,000 profit in 2010 – enough to employ extra staff at all its branches and still make a good profit.

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The something for nothing myth

In this article I am going to focus on Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or what is now know as due to the welfare reform act as Personal Independance Payment (PIP) which is a joke of a name as it is miles away from true personal independance for those claiming it due to disabilities brought on by illnesses they were either born with or suffered a tragic event in life.

As the title says The something for nothing myth” is where I am going to focus my little energy today in the hope of dispelling that myth and hope to educate of few citizens mainly due to the many negative comments I have read on social media sites.

DLA/PIP is paid as a non-means-tested, non-contributory benefit in the United Kingdom introduced in 1992 and scheduled for phase-out between 2013 and 2016, in relation to adults only, for whom it is to be replaced by a new Personal Independence Payment.

DLA/PIP comes with rwo elements care and mobility although under welfare reform the care element has been reduced from 3 levels to just two.

It is paid by Government because it addresses the imbalance to equality and the additional expence those with disabilities have which is over and above what the able bodied person would have to pay.

Now I hear you all saying what aditional expense does the disabled communities up and down this nation have that able-bodied citizens don’t well you have come to the right place as I asked that question to my social media friends and colleagues and they came up with the answers for you doubters which I quote below:

comments 1 comments 2 comments 3 comments 4 comments 5 comments 6 comments 7 comments 8 comments 9 comments 10 comments 11 comments 12 comments 13 comments 14 comments 15 comments 16 comments 17 comments 18

As you can see from these comments DLA/PIP is used to pay for a wide number of things that the able-bodied do not need and which comes at a considerable cost and in many cases over and above what the Government pays out.

So the short minded something for nothing myth is busted and many of you would do well not listening to so much baloney and instead if you have doubts interact with the Disabled Communities because as many have explained here I am sure they too will explain to you that a life as a disabled person is not a bed of roses and all they ask is that they have the same respect and dignity and be left alone to get on with there lives after all is that not what you wish.

My Thanks goes to all those at Fightback for contributing to this blog




Another shout out for the #Wowpetition PLEASE it still needs signatures here:


Letter to Andrew Langdon QC

Written by my good friend Darren Lynch who deserves a mention for his tireless work in helping to bring out the truth Thank You Darren. https://www.facebook.com/Grumblywuth

Sent to: Andrew Langdon

Subject: Your Independent article

Dear Mr Langdon,


I applaud you for standing up to the government’s insistence upon removing access to the law from UK citizens. I do, also, have a question though:

Since before May 2010, the UK government has been stripping benefits from needy and vulnerable people, which is contrary to what the law says they need to live upon as a minimum income. This has been facilitated by well-proven and documented misreporting by their Work Capability Assessment contractor, Atos Healthcare, which has also had the effect of costing the taxpayer millions of pounds more than the basic £100 million a year contract payment, in appeals which would not have become necessary had Atos reported correctly in the first place. Falsification of a medical record is, as far as I am aware, an offence under the law. If a document purports to comment upon a person’s fitness, or otherwise, for work it is, by definition, a medical statement. A medical statement cannot, in any dictionary definition, be classed as anything other than a medical record. Atos and the DWP deny that the documents, produced as reports at the end of each WCA, are such.

It is also an offence under the law to impersonate a doctor yet, daily, completely unqualified DWP personnel are making rulings upon people’s fitness to either work or receive benefits, based upon the aforementioned Atos reports. The dictionary I have says that impersonation involves “giving the impression of being” or “behaving in a similar manner to.” In order to make medical decisions, these DWP clerks are “behaving in a similar manner to” qualified medical personnel, and they are causing distress, anxiety, hardship, suffering and even death as a result.

Atos Healthcare’s original remit with the WCA was to weed out fraudsters from the system. They have now been “weeding out these fraudsters” for three and a half years of the ConDem government’s term in office, and actually began doing the job some time before that. It suggests strongly to me that either Atos has either not managed to complete the job assigned to them, or that there is corruption in senior levels of government and that the constant re-assessment of people already examined has no other purpose than that of swelling Atos’ corporate bank account. People who are minus limbs do not, whatever Esther McVey thinks, ever grow them back. People with mental health issues can obtain some control over them via voluntarily ingested medicines, but they are never cured.

Since before May 2010, people have been committing suicide because of the loss – or fear of loss – of their benefit incomes to the WCA. Since the introduction of the Bedroom Tax, there have been several reports of suicides linked directly to that tax. Prior to the death of Mrs Stephanie Bottrill, Iain Duncan Smith was told of this direct link by Michael Meacher and others via a debate in the House of Commons Chamber. It has been reported to the police that this information is well-known to Duncan Smith, yet the policy continues. I have suggested to the London Metropolitan Police Service that, in knowing of the link yet continuing the policy which has, since the notification mentioned, caused further suicides, Duncan Smith could be justifiably accused in procuring those additional suiicides, contrary to the Suicide Act of 1961. The LMPS has failed to act.

Sanctioning of people (withdrawing their benefit income for a period of time) for the slightest excuse is illegal. Again, it falls contrary to what the law says a person needs to live on. Threat of sanction is used to compel people to take up Mandatory Work Activity, which is often unsuited to their abilities. It is the equivalent of keeping a person in servitude, as the worker receives no additional reward for the activity, which reward should be reasonably expected from a government that claims to be “making work pay.” The only people to benefit from it are the business providers, some of whom – such as Poundland – have provably sacked workers in order to take on MWA assignees. Earlier this year a Polish national was sentenced to six years’ imprisonment for keeping several of his fellow countrymen in servitude. They worked, he profited. The parallel is clear for anyone to see, yet the LMPS has failed to act against any member of the DWP for this offence either.

Earlier this year a man was convicted for misuse of a computer in Kent, for posting material “likely to cause anxiety or offence to a third party” contrary to the Communications Act of 2003. Something to do with the young soldier who was hacked down, if I remember correctly. Since May 2010, The Sun and Daily Mail newspaper have repeatedly, and with apparently unfettered delight, been posting such material onto their websites which are not encrypted and therefore open to the public’s view. Public domain, in other words. The LMPS, into whose area of jurisdiction the head offices of these publications fall, has failed to act to stop the offence.

Since taking office, this government has caused (officially) an additional 330,000 children to be forced into poverty. That constitutes child abuse. The LMPS has failed to act to stop it.

Since taking office, this government has compelled myself and others to conduct activities which have caused us additional pain and suffering. Actually, in my own case they failed to compel the activity because I have an exceptionally good GP and was able to tell Atos to Foxtrot Oscar and make it stick. Other disabled people are not so lucky and I see their personal reports appear daily in Facebook groups dedicated to the support and advice of disabled and unemployed people.

Anyway, the government is denying people access to legal representation because then the government can – it believes – continue to breach the UK’s laws without fear of reprisal. There are two ways this can go:

1. Either the people can be given some other means to access legal representation, or
2. We can take the law into our own hands.

The second option, I think you will agree, is likely to be messy and, besides, today’s lamp posts are nowhere near as strongly constructed as the old ones. Hanging MP’s from them is likely to cause considerable damage, to the detriment of motorists, pedestrians and local taxpayers alike.

So, the first option would be preferable. We have so-called “no gain, no pain” Solicitors for such issues as accidents at work. Why do your junior colleagues not sit up and realise that here, in the flagrant abuse of human rights by this unelected government, is a huge, untapped market which could cost the UK government an absolute mint? Far more than Legal Aid ever did, in fact…

Can I leave this for you and, perhaps, your colleagues of the Bar to consider?

With best wishes,

My letter to Cameron.

David Cameron MP
10 Downing Street

1st October 2013

A Party not fit to govern

Dear Mr Cameron,

On the eve of your so called great speech at the ConDem Nation Conference I sit here to reflect on your Governance as Prime Minister since May 2010 and think blimey we as a nation are going to the dogs (no disrespect to dogs as even they have more brains than you and certainly care more).

In this term of yours (which I remind that you NEVER won so getting off to a great start already) I have read much press and watched much media and thus is not hard to come to the conclusion that the wrecking ball you swing at those less fortunate that you is in full swing oh how those born into a life of wealth love to preach to those below them that in itself stinks rotten.

I like many will not be watching you tomorrow for 1.5 hours as it will be much the same full of lies, deceit, and downright baloney and a man who can appeal to a few and not the many is not my kind of Prime Minister remember the saying “A man will be judge on how he treats all” well that is very relevant because that is how you will be judged.

I gave a child some money today which should not be my business to do so but he was not older than 10 and was hungry he was standing outside the shop asking for pennies as his mum was struggling to pay her bills and thus food was short so I have him £2 to buy a pie.

That is called empathy and compassion two words you either refuse to acknowledge or do not understand I rate myself higher than you because I have understanding which you don’t.

You say it is all to win the global race what race exactly one that destroys a nation so the few corporations can get to the top? Is that not brutal capitalism where nothing at all matters except money which is becoming a dirty word in itself? And what you are trying to do is akin to jumping the river and landing in a pile of dung.

There is more to a fulfilled life than money alone which you and your paymasters are destroying, you said you are lowering the deficit in 2010 well we are still waiting as it has not happened and never will with a fractional reserve banking system. You also said you would never sell of the nation’s prized asset the NHS that was a lie too and probably the biggest of all but do you know what I really hate? Liars from the highest office of all, the government.

Cutting of a person’s dignity and self-worth via welfare reform, teaching our children how to survive instead of thrive in education, abolishing legal aid to those most in need of representation in an area of ever increasing red tape which by the way you also said you would cut is befitting of a model prime minister my you do deserve a medal!
Encase you haven’t noticed the nation is waking up to your shame of governance and the next election will be your death nail as prime minister along with your corrupt frontbench why? Because you have made one big mistake in thinking the nation are fools which they are far from indeed they are something you lot are not law abiding citizens.

So for me I will here and wait patiently for May 2015 and hope the next government will repeal many of the draconian policies you have made law and actively campaign against both the liberal democrats and the conservatives.

Not yours