When will it end?

Many Citizens go on about immigrants coming here taking the nations wealth and saying our own must come first but here is the thing, those same people could not give a shit about our own either as many long term ill and disabled many with some of the most deliberating conditions have been fighting a silent battle for the past 7 years with help from only the minority which is not enough.

There is now an abundance of evidence and reports across social media that makes it clear that what the Govt is doing is grossly wrong and a stain on the populace and is about to get a lot worse.

What does it take for the populace to unite? and fight this grave injustice on those who have done nothing wrong, but are made to live in poverty for the crime of becoming ill and/or disabled?

Does the populace of the United Kingdom really not care because I find that hard to believe ?



Disabled claimants told: 2 yrs to get job or be sanctioned for a year


dwpp2The government is pressing ahead with the roll-out of its Universal Credit (UC) replacement to the benefits system in spite of huge delays and problems – and continuing problems so ingrained that foodbank use has increased sharply in every area where is has been implemented.

UC contains a draconian set of provisions, including a ‘Claimant Commitment’ (CC) – a set of imposed requirements to which the claimant has no right of appeal whatever. As the government’s guidance on CCs states:

There is no right of appeal if a claimant refuses to accept their Claimant Commitment and the requirements that have been set out in it.

A JCP adviser – who might be incompetent, inexperienced, bitter, have a personality clash with the claimant or just simply be having a bad day – is the final arbiter of whether a CC is reasonable and achievable, and even a patently bad decision…

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Video: don’t watch if you’re afraid of having your life changed (so pls do watch/share)


A friend of mine pointed me to a video and said it had reduced him to tears. I watched it and it reduced me to tears.

If you’re afraid of being reduced to tears, don’t watch this.

If you’re afraid of being confronted with painful truth, don’t watch it.

If you’re afraid of having your life changed and being motivated to do, live, think differently, definitely don’t watch it.

But if you want to see what’s really going on, what really needs changing – why millions of people are suddenly inspired with dangerous hope of change by the rise of Jeremy Corbyn and Labour because things need changing – then you must watch it.

In this short video, journalist Jack Monroe tells her own story of live under austerity – a story that formed a key part of the research for the harrowing film I, Daniel Blake.

It’s vital…

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