Where is all this #WheresCorbyn shit coming from

I must admit my patience is wearing thin due to citizens total lack in understanding Jeremy Corbyn’s stance on brexit.

This morning I read the use of the #hashtag and shouts of #WheresCorbyn on the Peoples vote March that is swelling London OK I get it you all want to remain I do to but you have got the leader of the Labour Parties stance totally wrong and it is thus not helping the cause and you will end up with either a damaging hard brexit or a walk away no deal and the Tories back for another term

The EU is Neoliberal so do tell me why would Corbyn a Social Democrat support that, he wants the best for citizens and nation not the best for the Tory Party that will see them avoiding the Anti Tax Avoidance Directive which Corbyn Supports and will help him with his tax plans

Corbyn does not want to leave no more than you or me he has voted against parts of the withdrawal bill that would invade our rights, why would he do that if he wanted to leave? and as for jobs first protecting those rights is key as is investment in citizens and infrastructure

You really need to start thinking instead of riding the wave of #FBPE thinking you are doing some good as Jeremy Corbyn is the real hope and where he can negotiate on his own terms as well as having compassion and empathy and hell we certainly need that to break away from the Hostile Environment that breeds in just about every Govt Department under Mays leadership

She has to go so lets hear #WheresMay as she is your enemy.

As for #WheresCorbyn he is at the Al-Baqa’a refugee camp Jordan where he visited 100,000 refugees where told under Labour the bomb first and ask questions later would end and Labour would recognise the state of Palestine so get off his back.