National Scandal? If not why not?

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Sunday, 28 September 2014

National Scandal? If not why not?

Sent 13th Aug…
> Hi Sir Gerald
> Many thanks for your correspondence of the 12th August.
> I have just read with dismay that sanctions on sick and disabled people – removing money they are entitled to for erroneous and sometimes ludicrous reasons- has increased unacceptedly.
> Sanctions for disabled and sick on ESA have risen by 346% (compared to the same quarter last year), new DWP figures have shown.
> Mr Iain Duncan Smith says this is returning fairness.
> In all fairness, it appears to be abhorrent.
> I do note that the coalition appear to have accepted albeit in intent, the Wednesbury Principle – I think this negates their holding any acceptance of this principle.
> Now is this a DWP questions item to raise? Or a Prime Ministers Question Time issue to be raised? Or both?
> It is in the nations interest that the current government is called on its appalling treatment of vulnerable citizens as often and as strongly as possible.
> I hope you will ad this to the considerable quiver of arrows existing, and ask when are the archers of truth, such as yourself, going to release their bowstrings and let fly?
> Many Thanks

Deep-fried Mars bar raises risk of having a stroke WITHIN MINUTES, experts claim

Experts say the 1,200 calorie snack is so full of fat that it slows the supply of blood to the brain

Deep fried mars barEating a deep-fried Mars bar can raise the risk of having a stroke within minutes, doctors claim.

Scotland’s unhealthiest snack – a whopping 1,200 calories – is so full of fat that it slows the supply of blood to the brain.

Experts say that men who already have narrow arteries are most in danger.

Glasgow University researchers fed battered chocolate bars to 24 volunteers.

They found that just 90 minutes later, blood flow to the brain was reduced in men though there was no major change in women.

The study was led by Professor Matthew Walters, stroke consultant at Glasgow’s Western Infirmary and director of the Scottish Stroke Research Network.

Student William Dunn, who performed scans on volunteers, said: “We’ve shown that eating a sugar and fat-laden snack can actually affect blood flow to the brain within minutes.


Iain Duncan Smith is perpetuating a twisted myth

New Approach

& it’s the long term sick who are paying
the > ultimate < price

Iain Duncan Smith has got away with this for far too long….

(1) Tragic consequences 

It’s too late for 50 year old Trevor Drakard who had permanent brain damage and uncontrollable epilepsy.  Sadly Trevor hung himself after being ordered to take part in work related activity, the Daily Mirror reports the story here

Work Related Activity is what a claimant is expected to undertake despite being assessed under very strict rules as unfit for work.  Being placed in the Work Related Activity Group requires a claimant (such as Trevor Drakard) to work with the DWP and private Work Programme providers like the infamous A4E to prepare for work. Many people such as Trevor find the regime far too stressful and injurious to their health.

The disgraceful Secretary of State for Work & Pensions Minister has been feeding…

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Tories indicate Benefit Claimants to be their REAL Enemies in WAR


Here we go – the lead up to the last Tory Conference in this round of Government and the ‘big guns’ are blazing across the Tory press, making their pre-election ‘promises’/threats. Cameron in the Times states,  he will cut a further 3,000 from the benefit cap reducing this to £23,000 & stopping all out of work benefits for anyone under 21, Grayling in the Telegraph is vowing to strip away the remainder of our Rights, with the shredding of the Human Rights Act; and then we come to IDS, who according to his latest delusions he is responsible for breaking up TV programmes!

IDS, relegated to the tabloids says his” DRASTIC curbs on welfare benefits are starting to break up Britain’s “Shameless” housing estates”; he justifies this by stating ” the proportion of people in social housing who do not work had fallen from just under 50 per cent in 2010 to 41 per…

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ukip, @DouglasCarswell, the National Minimum Wage & Tax ‘Cuts’ #Clacton #ClactonByElection

The ramblings of a former DWP Civil Servant ...

Nigel Farage recently announced that he would take all those on the National Minimum Wage out of Income Tax. On the surface that sounds like a bold move. On the surface.

From 1st October this year, the hourly rate for someone on the NMW will be £6.50 per hour.  If that someone works 40 hours per week, 52 weeks of the year then that works out at £13,520 per year.  Their personal tax allowance will be £10,000 so they only pay Income Tax at 20% on £3,520.  The amount paid works out at £704 or £13.54 per week.  Certainly not to be sniffed at, but hardly the largesse that one might first think.

However, Value Added Tax is levied at 20% and, if those benefiting from Farage’s tax cut spend all or most of that £13.54 per week then they are receiving with one hand and paying most, if not…

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More Details Of The Shirebrook JobCentre Situation

Same Difference

Remember this post, readers?

I’ve just recieved full details of the situation from Paul Yates at the Welfair Foundation:

Hi, Not sure if there is anything in particular you would like to know, if there is then please don’t hesitate to ask. The more information that gets out about this the better. Please feel free to post any or all of the following information on online. A local lady (Shirebrook) recently received a letter from Shirebrook Jobcentre giving her an appointment for a work-focused interview. She is in the Support Group of ESA and in receipt of both the care component and mobility component of PIP at the enhanced rate. She is severely disabled and very frightened about what lies ahead for her now in regards to sanctions/workfare etc. She telephoned Shirebrook Jobcentre to enquire whether there had been a mistake and they informed her that all ESA claimants, including…

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On Wednesday at around,  I received a phone call from a woman informing me she was coming to assess me at home that day at – It turned out she was from Capita.

I refused, explaining I’d had no notice of the appointment and I wasn’t prepared, after her attempts to persuade me to go along with the visit failed, I immediately phoned Capita. The woman I spoke with there stated a letter about this appointment had been sent on September 6 – I’m still waiting.

The assessment has been rearranged for October and a letter is on its way, but…as the only mail I’ve received from Capita took 2 weeks+ to arrive – I’m not holding my breathe.

I immediately posted this up in Facebook and have received several comments saying others had had similar experiences, below is one example

“i had nurse just turn up at my door wanting to do…

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