STRIKES – Unfortunately many Citizens have short memories.

I saw this Facebook post by Paula Peters this morning and felt the need to blog it and thus get it out to a wider audience because this is what many citizens do not get when they feel their private lives are being invaded.

Although this relates to the tube drivers strike it can equally apply to all the strikes we see and as Paula says it is not all about pay but for some reason that is always the one the public give when they feel the need to speak out.

The public who use these services need to start understanding that it is not always about pay and that strikes it can be for a number of reasons including the health and safety of the service users. The debacle of the #NHSCRISIS should be enough to tell you the Govt do not care one iota about the health and safety of not only employees but the public at large too.

Quote from Paula Peters:

“Yesterday in London was at bus stop and everyone in the queue were talking about the London underground strike and the problems getting around, three of them complaining about the strike and one said overpaid staff should get back to work.

Was getting angry by listening to the media crap some were spouting so had to say something didn’t I.

I said excuse me, how many of you in this queue (there were 12 of them) said how many of you had to use a ticket machine to travel this morning? Hands up.

11 put their hands up.

Then said, and how many of you took struggled to use the ticket machine, probably needed some assistance in which to do this or needed to speak to a member of staff to get some advice? Hands up.

11 put their hands up.

Then said, OK, how many of you use the underground often or regular basis, wish there were more staff on the underground when you are struggling to use ticket barriers, dropped something on the track, taken unwell on the station, need staff member to show you where you need to go and what if there was a terrorist attack need those staff to evacuate the station and lead you to safety? Hands up

.All 12 put their hands up.

I said you know why they are on strike today?

Fighting ticket office closures, fighting for the lack of staff on stations. The trade unions are fighting for your safety as you travel and go about your daily lives.

Instead of buying the government crap in the media, Employees are saying no trade union takes this action lightly and wish often there was another way, but feel they have no choice with a government whose only interest is about profit of companies before passenger safety and access.

Instead of abuse to the striking workers perhaps some solidarity to them might be good.

There was complete silence at the end of that.

Then several of them said, I did not look at it like that. I said, find a picket line and ask the workers why they are there, if they have a leaflet take one, if you have an experience of the underground you wish to share take a moment to share it.

But remember most of all, many of the rights you have today are because trade unionists made a stand to fight for your rights in the first place so a few days of difficulty travelling about has to be endured when the issues affect all of us.

Solidarity by the way to Aslef on Southern Rail dispute this morning. Keep guards on trains, its about our safety and access to travel on the rail network.


So their you have it lets not taint the best efforts of those seeking to improve the services that we all rely on against the backdrop of corporations who could not give a flying fig about those employees or the public using them.

So get behind them and find the time to show a united front because the sooner you do the sooner Govt and Corporates will listen and bring the safer services you deserve.