Camden council: we ordered fire-proof #cladding but flammable fitted #Grenfell


In breaking news, it has emerged that Camden council in London commissioned cladding works specifying that fire-resistant cladding panels be used – but its testing has revealed that the same, flammable HDPE (high-density polyethylene) panels were used in the works – turning a building into another potential Grenfell Tower.

Journalist Pete Apps broke the news on his Twitter feed:

apps camden.pngwith an image of a section from a council bulletin on the testing and the likelihood of consequent legal action:

apps camden2.pngAccording to Apps, the cladding contract was awarded to Rydon and sub-contracted to Harley Facades – the same arrangement as took place with Grenfell Tower. The council has announced the urgent removal of the panels from the Chalcot Estate:

camdengov.pngThis will come as grim news to survivors and neighbours of Grenfell Tower and will certainly feed into the Met’s criminal investigation.

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The #Grenfell ‘demolition order’ is not what it looks like


There are a lot of rumours circulating on social media today about a ‘demolition’ notice found on the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) website relating to Grenfell Tower in 2014:

DEM 14.pngThe SKWAWKBOX contacted RBKC about this and, although the initial answer from the council was an entirely non-responsive and unhelpful one about the causes of the fire, which had no relation to the question asked, eventually a relevant answer was received:

‘The building works under FP/14/03563’ relate to the refurbishment that are believed to be linked to the rapid spread of the fire, so the demolition notice is not completely irrelevant to the disaster, but it is not, at least according to…

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Excl: fire-safety expert ‘tests/inspections a sham’. Millions at risk #Grenfell #mustread


tarling2.pngArnold Tarling

Fire-safety expert Arnold Tarling is a man who has found sudden and unlooked-for fame after a deeply-moving and equally worrying TV interview in which he broke down as he spoke of warning three years ago of the threat posed by the type of cladding used on Grenfell Tower and of bursting into tears at four in the morning last week when he saw the news of the terrible fire:

Tarling is clearly a man completely committed to keeping people safe – and something of an action man, who has been known to abseil down the sides of buildings to carry out safety checks, although all he says on the matter is, “I’m not your typical surveyor”.

Mr Tarling very kindly spoke at some length to the SKWAWKBOX about his fears for the safety of residents, the warnings he gave – and the vast, barely-scratched fire threat facing hundreds…

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Where are the empty homes in Kensington?

Who Owns England?

Image: The Grenfell Tower fire. Natalie Oxford, Wikimedia Commons.

As the nightmare of the Grenfell Tower disaster continues to unfold, one of the many painful questions being asked by survivors is: ‘Where are we going to live now?’

Kensington & Chelsea Council have still been unable to give firm assurances that residents will be rehoused in the area, issuing a statement on Friday afternoon (later contradicted) that “Given the number of households involved, it is possible the council will have to explore housing options that may become available in other parts of the capital”.

On Friday, the Times reported that Jeremy Corbyn had an alternative solution. “Corbyn: seize properties of the rich for Grenfell homeless” ran its above-the-fold headline (£). This was not, of course, what Corbyn had actually proposed, as the article itself revealed. In a parliamentary debate, the Labour leader had suggested that “Properties must be found…

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Charlie Dickinson of Liverpool wrote this. This whole country needs to read it #Grenfell


grenfell isolationThe text below was sent to the SKWAWKBOX by a Twitter follower. The people of Liverpool have a particular affinity with the victims of the Grenfell fire, because they know what happened at Hillsborough, how the Establishment tried to blame the victims – which they see happening already over Grenfell Tower – and because they know how hard it is to get justice when the rich and powerful close ranks.

One Liverpool man wrote his thoughts on Grenfell Tower, on how it fits in the overall pattern of what’s happened to this country over the last three decades or so. It’s powerful. It’s damning.

And its final lines need to be a wake-up call for a country that has tolerated the Establishment narrative for far too long.

Read. Share:

then they came.pngThe SKWAWKBOX is provided free of charge but depends on the generosity of its readers. If you found this information helpful…

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Told you #May can’t negotiate – #DUP deal falling thru, Tories preparing for new GE


As the SKWAWKBOX showed yesterday, Theresa May unforgivably used the Grenfell Tower tragedy as cover for her inability to reach an agreement with the DUP’s Arlene Foster, by claiming the further delay in the announcement of a deal was because of the terrible fire.

Foster flew home to Northern Ireland and the Tories claimed juniors were hashing out the final details.

But this morning, the Conservatives are spreading word to their activists to prepare for a new General Election – which can only mean there is no deal, or at best a slim and receding prospect of one.

Arch-Tory site Guido Fawkes gave the game away:

wickham.pngOf course, the article does not admit it’s because May is useless and the DUP negotiations are failing, but he does make the astonishing claim that CCHQ (Tory headquarters) were ‘caught unprepared’ by May’s announcement of the last election:

on the hopThe carefully-crafted and completely false…

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Please Please help us

This is a plea for our nations disabled citizens on Election day it really is an important one, to us at least

Since 2010 most of you will have read the almost constant barrage of abuse from the dept of work and pensions and its contractors of death the list is almost endless and often appear on social media.

I am an SAH/Stroke Survivor living in poverty with most of my support now gone in those 7 years of Tory destruction my income is just the middle rate of DLA and I fear losing that too if the Tories win, it is a reality.

I cannot cry in joy or anger as that part of my brain is damaged so I try to express myself in word whether spoken or typed but even that is not great so often suffer in silence.

However I not complain about my  SAH/Stroke, it has given me gifts too in that I believe I am a better man post SAH/Stroke as I have more compassion and empathy for my fellow citizens it is why I believe in Jeremy’s aim of reuniting society that has been divided so much of recent years.

The Tory Party has a lot more under there sleeve by way of cuts to services and support for the disabled if they win another term we can take no more, this will be shit and bust and I may as well head to dignitas.

But we are not alone as a group of citizens Austerity which is just a Tory political choice did not have to be that way we have all paid the price in some form or another with eroded public services that we all depend on in times of need they are the things that unite us and cause a breakdown in society.

They are in fact more important than brexit as they define how strong a nation we are and set the foundation to absorb the fallout leaving the EU will bring, it is why we need the Labour Manifesto as we will be best placed as families and wider society.

You will get the press, media and Tory supporters saying it can’t be done that is absolute baloney but ask yourselves why they say that and you will find the answer, nothing is further from the truth it an be done and the majority of citizens will be better of for it whether that is a £10 an hour minimum wage by 2020 whether that is having a stable job with rights to protect you from day one, whether that is having an education from cradle to grave constantly learning at no cost to you or indeed a health service with some of our best professionals the best in the world free at point of need for all.

We have done all these things before and the nation was no worse off for it either and all of these things keep our economy going with happy healthy citizens.

We have a golden opportunity were power lies with us for just one day lets all use it well and reset the UNITED KINGDOM

VOTE Labour for me and you and put Jeremy Corbyn a man of peace who CAN achieve great things in Number 10 tomorrow.