Oh Dear Real Democracy is coming under attack

I knew this would happen but I never thought the Labour Right Wing imposters would stoop so low as actually discriminate against the leader to make a very weak point

That’s right they used his age as a reason why Jeremy Corbyn should not lead us into the next Govt, they say by the time the 2022 term comes to an end in 2027 he will be 78 years old and thus too old to lead the nation as Prime Minister.

This is gutter stuff and discriminatory as the Equality and Human Rights Commission states under age discrimination:

The Equality Act 2010 says that you must not be discriminated against because:

  • You are (or are not) a certain age or in a certain age group.
  • Someone thinks you are (or are not) a specific age or age group. This is known as discrimination by perception.
  • You are connected to someone of a specific age or age group. This is known as discrimination by association.

Age groups can be quite wide (for example, ‘people under 50’ or ‘under 18s’). They can also be quite specific (for example ‘people in their mid-40s’). Terms such as ‘young person’ and ‘youthful’ or ‘elderly’ and ‘pensioner’ can also indicate an age group.

If age was really a barrier do tell me why we have Judges well above retirement age and also lords in the House of Lords indeed if that was the case we could have a right clear out

The Independent should withdraw or amend there article as they should not be seen to foster such discrimination.

Jeremy Corbyn will himself know when he has had enough and when it is impacting on his health no one else should make that decision for him and right now I for one welcome his leadership in transforming the party for the betterment of the many.



Corbyn, Brexit and you #FBPEers

Sorry #FBPEers you have got it all wrong the key is not Corbyn it is Theresa May and the Tories they have to go in 2018 and that is where your allegiance should lie.

I keep reading all manor of attacks on Corbyn why is that ? he never called the Referendum and more importantly he is not in Govt, yes the Tories own it lock, stock and barrel but you lot are giving them an easy ride when it is only they who can u-turn.

They of course will not as they could not give two monkeys what we or any other party think, brexit is not for us it is for them the establishment only and will see it though even if that means lying to citizens.

But we can carry great weight if only you #FBPEers would see it and join the fight to oust the Tories in 2018.

That is the number one goal not only for Brexit but all manor of domestic policy they have messed up.

Get them out then we can all move on by backing Labour in the next election why do I say this? simples Corbyn from 2015 has always ran his campaign as the Peoples PM and thus restoring real democracy to the people and listening to what we have to say so yes we can work with him and Labour on brexit because just as the tories are headstrong on brexit and will not budge Corbyn has to follow through with his campaign promises so we have more hope in stopping it.

So whilst you all attack him he is in fact in the right position in the centre able to move whereas the Tories and libdems have already dug there corners and unable to move.

Corbyn has also not just got brexit on his plate but a possible election too so has to tread carefully and not blow it too soon.

So please citizens can we kick the tories into the long grass first and that is the first and foremost aim for us all get rid of them as too many citizens are suffering right now before we have even left and then work from that position with Labour onboard for the best outcome.

Council Tax in Wealthy Kensington and Chelsea

Many are kicking up a stink over Chris Williamson resignation and not bothering to research because if they did they will see he had a valid point.

He has proposed freezing council tax for the struggling many and increasing it for the wealthy few and that I agree.

If you look at the tax bands for year 2017/18 in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea you will see that the highest band H pays £880 a year less than Manchester City Council that is grossly unfair and it needs looking at even the lowest Band A is £300 more in Manchester


You will see that even when the tax bands for Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea are GLA weighted they still come out a lot cheaper than many other councils across the UK so in my opinion Chris Williamson MP has a point why should they be subsidised against those in poorer homes of other councils.

This needs looking at