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The words Every Human Has Rights written on a pale background.We know you’re busy people. And we also know you’re interested in disability – that’s why you’re here right? So, here’s the first in a monthly series on the essential bits of information you need to know, all easily consumable in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea. So grab a cuppa and settle in for our Beginner’s Guide to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Person’s with Disabilities and how it can effect your everyday life and the lives of those around you.

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#DWP Apologies for the Delay in Your Payment, IDS Does Not Care … (#JSA and #ESA Payment Systems Going Into Meltdown for Existing Recipients)

The ramblings of a former DWP Civil Servant ...

Understandably, there has been a lot lately about Universal Credit, but UC is currently only being paid to a very small number of people with the easiest type of claim to administer. If UC is affecting anyone then it is actually those not receiving it.

Let me explain, UC is, amongst other things, meant to replace the payment systems for Income Based JSA and ESA, but not Contribution Based. As a result, the existing systems will, all other things being equal, not be needed as current claims go over to UC. Such a process, given the high rate of turnover amongst people on JSA and ESA, would not I think take very long, in comparison with, for example, the original, pre IDS timetable for moving people from IB to ESA.

Blind Optimism

In the spirit of the blind optimism, associated with UC, the care and maintenance of the current computer…

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MP who voted for Health and Social Care Bill complains about poor service

You could not make this up Member of Parliament for Enfield Southgate David Burrowes who needed the services of our NHS due to suffering a Ruptured Appendix complained about the long wait and poor service he received, now this might have been OK and easier to swallow if he voted against the Health and Social Care Bill but the fact is he voted for it and not only that he voted for it without waiting for the risk register.

One word comes to mind a snake

Sorry Mr Burrowes you caused the poor services and the medical profession had no need to apologise to you and maybe you should have gone private after all you could have afforded it and not caused extra unneeded pressure on the NHS.

Funny how the Daily Mail do not tell you this! btw

MP: I spent 12 hours on a trolley in agony and could have died at overcrowded A&E

How MPs voted on the Health and Social Care Bill  

Jan RIP – Open Letter to David Cameron from Jessica McCarnun



Dear Prime Minister,

How many people have to die before you realise that cutting into the valuable services that vulnerable people rely on is not only wrong, but extremely sick. Last night I had news that a beautiful, kind, caring soul of a lady has died, and all because the services around her failed her due to the cuts YOU HAVE CREATED.

She needed a wheelchair, but was denied, this left her housebound.

She did what you wanted she downsized because of the Bedroom Tax into a flee ridden pit. What did your legacy do, cause her more pain by making her lose her home, and then to top it off not deliver the equipment she needed because YOU ARE SWIPING THE FUNDS THE LOCAL AUTHORITY NEED.

When you first graced the doors of number 10 you claimed the vulnerable would be safe, you claimed that the disabled would be cared for. So why are they dying around me quicker than I can blink please.

It makes me feel sick to think that whilst you fill your stomach with 5 star food and laugh your way to the bank, it’s costing lives. You are hacking into vital services needed to sustain life, and care for those who really need support. Are you proud?

I feel ill, and every waking day have dedicated my life for the past few years to helping these people, but this lady I missed, and I blame you for creating this disgusting vile situation.

I think if you had one once of grace in your bones you would slime away and walk now

I have a whole different level of emotion for you than hate, or disgust, this is unimaginable, and belongs in the pit of my nightmares.

I am counting down the days until you go, because Ed Milliband will do a far better job than you, I can see it in his eyes, he cares.

I am a red girl all the way to the moon and back, we are coming and my god look out, because 2015 is the time you end up in tears, when you lose the election.

However sadly all those we have lost we will never get back, and the people will never ever forget what you and your legacy have done to us all




Sunderland Jobcentre staff stole claimants’ benefits after getting into debt


A civil servant siphoned off nearly £2,000 from people’s benefits after struggling to meet the payments of his pay-day loan.

Anthony Osborne was paying £700 from his monthly salary to meet the “exorbitant” interest rates of his loan, Sunderland magistrates were told.

He turned to crime and took £1,932 in just five weeks after realising he could alter bank details on customers’ electronic records.

But he was caught after two claimants complained they had not received their benefits and an internal audit was carried out.

Osborne, 42, was arrested and pleaded guilty to fraud by abuse of position before Sunderland Magistrates’ Court in June.

At a sentencing hearing this week, Osborne blamed mounting debts and depression for the deception, described in court as being totally out of character for a man who had never been in trouble with the law.

Osborne, who gave his address in court as…

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Confirmed – The FULL Impact of Cuts Disabled People Face

Another excellent blog from Sue Marsh

Since the coalition came to power, sick and disabled people have claimed we are being fundamentally harmed by the coalition welfare reforms. Not scroungers or skivers, but  people living with long term serious illnesses like me, or who live with physical disabilities. Adults AND children. Young and old. People with terminal conditions, people with kidney or heart failure, people waiting for transplants and even people in comas. None have been spared. The government repeatedly assure you they have. 
The government have of course denied that they are putting an unreasonable share of austerity cuts on us. Repeatedly and often aggressively. This is how they respond to the UN of all people :
Since 2011, almost every main voice involved in the services and systems that support sick and disabled people have argued that we must know how all of the changes TOGETHER have affected us so particularly. 
Everything we rely on has been cut severely – in some cases by up to 40%. Disability benefits, sickness benefits, social care services, housing support, legal aid for tribunals, respite care, the independent living fund, council tax relief, higher education funding, everything. 
It is very possible that if you were affected by one of the changes, you were affected by several or even all of them. 

If there is an Inquiry by the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities concerning the UK…

Making rights make sense

There’s been lots of back and forth on Twitter and elsewhere regarding the rumoured Inquiry by the UN Disability Rights Committee into the UK, and in particular the confidentiality of the Inquiry procedure.

First of all, an ex Committee member Gabor Gambos announced that there was to be an Inquiry when speaking at the National University of Ireland in Galway School of Disability Law and Policy Summer School back in June.  He did not say what the Inquiry was about, only that had been launched.  The Secretariat of the UN Committee will not confirm or deny the Inquiry because it considers itself to be subject to confidentiality and presumably that confidentiality extends even to the question of whether or not an inquiry is taking place at all.  So there is no official notice that an Inquiry is taking place and no information at all in the public domain about what…

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Nick (@mylegalforum) Takes on IDS ………

I am sure my readers will agree, for too long Iain Duncan Smith has been allowed off the hook in all manner of Press and Media we the people, we the social security claimants now have a chance to try and address that and try and bring some balance with the truth being told.

How do we do that? by putting IDS up against a very worthy contender some one who knows the truth someone who has worked tirelessly to bust the lies and deceit that this man spill almost daily and that man is Nick Dilworth who runs the excellent blog My Legal Forum and is Co-Founder of #newapproach who bring you the below message:

Nick is our USP. He’s the only campaigner who has first had experience on the front line dealing, on a daily basis, with the horror of the failed #WCA trying to pick up the pieces of shattered lives, people who are literally on the edge. Nick attends tribunals (and wins, almost a 100% record). Nick has experience of clients who have taken their lives.

Nick has more correct information at his fingertips and knows the correct (& true) statistics, that apparently IDS does not know.

#NewApproach intends to invite IDS to a challenge; Nick v IDS …….

Here’s more about Nick ……….

Nick Dilworth lives in Devon and is a welfare benefit specialist who has worked within the advice sector for many years. He has conducted many benefit appeals on behalf of thousands of benefit claimants with a tremendous rate of success. These include a full range of cases up to highly specialist level in the Upper & First – Tier Tribunals. Nick has considerable experience with disability & incapacity related cases as well as highly complex benefit fraud related cases, his experience extends to giving expert witness evidence in the Crown Court and delivering training across the advice sector and to solicitor firms who refer to him for his specialist knowledge.

As an ardent social justice campaigner, Nick has fought valiantly to defend legal aid for social welfare law cases and his work has been spoken of and commended by leading Parliamentarians in both the House of Lords’ & Commons. In more recent years he has picked apart many of the Government’s welfare reforms with a relentless analysis on the popular on line forum ilegal. His work is followed by many with thousands reading his regular articles on ‘ESA chaos‘ and ‘serious flaws‘ within government statistics.

Nick is well connected on social media via the @mylegalforum, he sees the injustice caused by the Work Capability Assessment on a daily basis and is highly committed to working with the disabled community to bring about real change. He has a level of passion about his work which is hard to match, when asked why he feels so strongly about the need for a new approach this is what he has to say:
“I’ve seen hundreds of casualties of the Work Capability Assessment, taking so many people through the daunting appeals process is of course demanding, but it is key to remember that each and every person you deal with is an individual. You get to know a great deal about the people you represent and the process used to determine their lawful entitlement. It is abundantly clear to me that the WCA is broken and beyond repair. It’s biggest failing is not to pick up on the true barriers which this crudest of tests fails to recognise. I’ve seen enough of the WCA and the people it torments to realise that the only solution is to work towards persuading those in positions of power to fully understand the disastrous implications of getting this so horribly wrong. My ethos is a firm commitment to do all I can to one day get people to see and appreciate the need to bring about real change.“

If you’d like to see Nick v IDS please RT!!

More details on #NewApproach at newapproachuk.org

Follow us on Twitter @newapproach_UK

Now all I ask is that you share, RT and reblog this to bring about awareness within press and media so that they can take on this excellent challenge.

Thank You

UK becomes the first country to face a UN inquiry into disability rights violations

Politics and Insights

994442_352804464870608_5110112617916821526_n (1)

We ought to be very concerned about the government’s declaration that they intend to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights, (ECHR)  and to repeal our own Human Rights Act, (HRA). One has to wonder what Cameron’s discomfort with the HRA is. he Act, after all, goes towards protecting the vulnerable from neglect of duty and abuse of power. The rights protected by the HRA are drawn from the 1950 European convention on human rights, which was a way of ensuring that we never again witness the full horrors of the second world war, and overwhelmingly, one of the greatest stains on the conscience of humanity – the Holocaust.

Human Rights establish a simple set of minimum standards of decency for humankind to hold onto for the future. The European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms was drafted as a lasting legacy of the struggle against fascism and…

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