Coroners versus DWP

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A number of coroners have come out and stated the DWP played a role in the death of their clients. The DWP have the cheek to say the coroners are wrong – who are you more likely to believe – the professionals whose job it is to investigate deaths or a Government department with its own agenda?

Coroner Michael Oakley said the DWP benefits assessment was key to the death of Nick Barker.  Coroner Andrew Haigh concluded the death of Tim Salter was mostly caused by the DWP who drastically reduced his benefit.  Coroner Mary Hassell found that the trigger for Michael O’Sullivan‘s suicide was his recent assessment by a DWP doctor as being fit for work.

Meanwhile these people died under questionable circumstances with the DWP.  Cecilia Burns had cancer.  The DWP declared her fit for work.  She appealed the decision but died shortly after…

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Smokescreen – response to Green Paper

Spartacus Network

Spartacus Network this week has produced a response, aptly named Smokescreen, to the Government Green Paper on health and work.  Smokescreen attempts to dig below the soundbites and policy based evidence, and analyse the proposals.

What we found was truly shocking. In a Green Paper, touted as being mitigation for the cuts to the sickness benefit ESA, there was very little evidence that the cuts would be mitigated at all. Instead the Green Paper outlines yet another series of Work Programmes, using many of the familiar Prime Work Programme providers, supported by many of the same community and charity organisations as sub-primes.

What is truly startling though are the numerous hypotheses put forward as facts, supported in part by evidence based on reports written by the DWP or for the DWP, or extremely weak evidence – one survey used only 5 people.  There is a deliberate conflation of sickness…

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I, Daniel Blake Wins a BAFTA. But….

It was pleasing to hear that Ken Loach won a BAFTA this evening for his thoroughly accurate film I, Daniel Blake of which he made the following speech after collecting the award:

Ken Loach condemned the Government’s refugee policy as he accepted the Bafta award for outstanding British film.

The director of I, Daniel Blake, said: “Thank you to the academy for endorsing the truths of what the film says, which hundreds and thousands of people in this country know, the most vulnerable and poorest are treated by the Government with a callous brutality that is disgraceful, a brutality that extends to keeping out refugee children we promised to help and that’s a disgrace too.

“Films can do many things, they can entertain, terrify, they can make us laugh and tell us something about the real world we live in – sorry it’s early for a political speech – and in that real world it’s getting darker and in the struggle that is coming between rich and poor and the wealthy and the privileged and the big corporations and politicians who speak for them.

“The rest of us on the other side – film makers know which side they are on and despite the glitz and glamour of occasions like this, we are with the people.”

However, those in the entertainment industry who listened to every word must not stand by as the harm, suffering and death continues they must take an active role in lobbying the Government in ending this abuse after all these Citizens suffering are the same Citizens who made those in the entertainment industry the celebs they are.

The film depicted the events of just one man and a young lady he sort to help but the film is an accurate documentary film and what you see is actually happening in the real world countless times it is pure brutality of the extreme that has no place in the modern world.

It is high time we brought this to an end.

So Labour didn’t change #Brexit? Here’s a concession you might not know of


So, so predictable that today the media, political opposition parties who were never in a position to achieve and change and some Labour MPs and members are making today (yet another) ‘blame Corbyn for everything’ day. The news broadcasters and print media are doing their usual, unprincipled thing, while Nicola Sturgeon, in particular, disgraced herself with some opportunistic, reality-denying nonsense:

sturgeonThe Article 50 bill – which is really not news if you think about it – made it through Parliament. It was always going to and nothing – whether you like it or not – was going to change that, or even disturb its passage. The Parliamentary mathematics made sure of that.

Some people, of course, never let the facts get in the way of a good smear – especially when it’s an opportunity to deflect attention that Theresa May got her backside handed to her in PMQs yesterday, after…

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A guide to completing additional questions for Personal Independence Payment

Telling it as it is

Follow this link for a very comprehensive PIP guide  which focuses on examples that you could for the additional information boxes.

Often people with disabilities or long term illness get so use to living with pain and discomfort that they do not realise how much their disability affects they everyday life.

Please share as widely as possible


 As this guide is a PDF, below are the writable additional information sheets from the Appendix for you to copy and paste:


National Insurance Number………………………..

Q2 About your health condition and disabilities




 Q3 Preparing Food



Q3 Additional Information Preparing Food


 Q4 Eating and Drinking




Q4 Additional Information Eating and Drinking


Q5 Managing Treatments



Q5 Additional Information Managing Treatments


Q6 Bathing and Washing



Q6 Additional Information Bathing and Washing


Q7 Managing Toilet Needs




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