The Sun, Truly a Vile Rag Worthy of the #Hastag #SunScum

decietI bring you a Facebook posting by a friend Samantha Baldwin much of it I remember but I guess many don’t and why I thought it was worthy of bringing onto my blog with Samantha’s permission.

Rupert Murdoch a Billionaire who’s every dollar is stained with blood. – My Words 

The Sun or Scum newspaper is not a working-class newspaper, but an anti-working-class, anti-trade union, phone-hacking,hating and baiting, phone hacking, Levi Bellfield aiding, war-mongering, bigoted, homophobic, xenophobic, lying, unprincipled, two-faced rag.

I am not saying those things because I don’t like its political stance, or crap journalism or sensationalism. I can back them up one by one, and unlike the Scum I will provide serious analysis of why it is all those things.


The Scum viciously condemned Labour’s plans to bring in the Minimum Wage and has said it shouldn’t rise. It opposed the Social Chapter and has backed moves to come out of it. This means agency workers, part-time workers, temporary workers will all lose rights, as well many low-paid and minimum wage workers. It condemned the postmen for going on strike in 2009, the train drivers in 1994, attacked the printers at Wapping and printed a false front page about Arthur Scargill in 1984 and backed the pit closures.

It backed the poll tax, called protestors scum, and attacked the 50% tax rate on those on £100,000 a year or more, saying it drags us all down to a drab level. How many Scum readers are on that a year? It has backed Royal Mail privatisation, public spending cuts, tax cuts and breaks for the well-off.


The Scum attacked Labour’s giving GCHQ workers the chance to join a Trade Union in 1997 after a 13-year-ban. They have repeatedly attacked them as reds and said they restrict business, and even have said there is no need for them. They have launched attacks on Trade Union leaders, which have been filthy, vicious, personal and at times, inaccurate.


The Scum referred to the mentally ill boxer “Frank Bruno” as bonkers in 2003. It has attacked homosexuals, the unemployed, people on benefits and single parents.


The Scum opposed Edwina Currie’s bill in February 1994 to lower the age of consent for homosexuals from the age of 21 to 18.

The Sun at the time called it a perverts charter and said 19 and 20 year olds unsure about their sexuality will be taken advantage of by perverted older men. Five years later it said the same thing but about 16 and 17 year olds.

It backed the homophobic section 28. It has tried to equate homosexuality with paedophilia. It has referred to pulpit poofs in the Church of England and lied saying that Elton John uses rent boys. He has done no such thing.

It opposed civil partnerships and Television personality Piers Morgan, a former Editor of the Daily Mirror and of The Sun’s Bizarre pop column, said at Kelvin MacKenzie’s behest, he was ordered to speculate on the sexuality of male pop stars for a feature headlined “The Poofs of Pop”. He also recalls MacKenzie headlining a story about the first homosexual kiss on BBC television soap opera EastEnders “EastBenders”. It also said that only homosexual sex could give you AIDS.


Where do I start…. The Dunn of the Sun, Elton John uses rent boys.
The Hillsborough article, which for me, has been the most evil headline ever on a newspaper. Vicious and personal attacks on Tony Benn, Ken Livingstone, Arthur Scargill and Gordon Brown which have been dishonest at times.

The Sun also did a story extensively quoting a respected American psychiatrist claiming that British left-wing politician Tony Benn was “insane”, with the psychiatrist discussing various aspects of Benn’s supposed pathology. The story was discredited when the psychiatrist in question publicly denounced the article and described the false quotes attributed to him as “absurd”, The Sun having apparently fabricated the entire piece.


The Scum attacked Benny Hill for having topless women on his shows whilst having topless 17-year-old page 3 girls. It attacked Labour’s policies up to two weeks before when the 1997 General Election was called, and then said it was backing Labour when it knew the Tories had no chance of winning.

It said in 1983 that “Do you want this old fool to run Britain” with reference to Michael Foot’s age. He was nearly 70 then.

A year later it enthusiastically backed 73-year-old Ronald Reagan’s bid for re-election as USA President.

Not for the first time it has done this. In May 1979 it said 67 year old Jim Callaghan looked tired and old and should be replaced by fresh and young looking Margaret Thatcher. In October 1980 it urged 68 year old Callaghan to stay on as Labour Leader to fight and see off the Trots within his own party.

In January 1994 it attacked Benn, Galloway et al for saying troops should be removed from Bosnia. A month later, it attacked John Smith for saying more should be sent saying he was bland and no radical etc!

It said we were fools for backing John Major, despite enthusiastically and vigorously backing him to be PM three years earlier and less than two years earlier at the 1992 General Election.

It attacks benefit fraud and calls for welfare cutbacks, whilst news international hasn’t paid Income Tax into the UK since 1987.

It supported the Sarah’s Law campaign and put up a financial reward for the capture of Milly Dowler’s killer, whilst hacking into her phone, and misleading the police and parents, and derailing the murder inquiry and giving her parents false hopes, and helping Bellfield to go free to kill twice more and almost a third time. And hacked into a phone given to Sara Payne’s mother.

The Sun fervently backed cuts to tax credits until early October 2015 then suddenly they turned against them and spoke out.

You see newspapers the Sun demanding roar on and cheer on war, and hail “Our brave lads” and demand “Total respect to the lads who never made it home”, then on the other hand, roar on and cheer on IDS and Osborne when they cut benefits for those who came back with their legs missing or with PTSD or who were blinded out there.

Full respect to our brave lads indeed.

The Sun says Corbyn is taking us back to the 1970s and Labour back to the 1980s.

Quite ironic considering:

* Their views on social policies such as homosexual rights belong in the 1970s/1980s, as they opposed the reduction of the age of consent from 21 to 18 then 16 and civil partnerships and gay marriage. In February 1994 they roared of it being a pervert’s charter and emotionally confused teenagers being taken advantage of. The Sun supported the introduction of and retention of Section 28 and the age of Consent for homosexuals being 21 and heterosexuals being 16.

* Their emotional values and views are stuck in the 1980s. They have called the 1980s a glorious decade and a golden era.

* In the mid 1990s they demanded the return of Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister.

* They loudly cheer on and support policies which are taking us back to the Victorian era.

So who is living in the past?


In 2000 the Scum and News of the World launched an hate campaign against paedophiles. This meant many were driven underground and a woman’s house was attacked and vandalised. She was a paediatrician. A completely innocent man was punched in the face three times as he was mistook for a paedophile.

In February 2003, the Sun published the mobile phone number of their favourite bogeyman Abu Hamza (preacher at the Finsbury mosque, North London), effectively inviting readers to make abusive calls to him. This no doubt happened but misdialed phone numbers also received 100s of death threats. For example, a man from Newport, Wales whose mobile differed from Hamza’s by 1 digit received 200 death threats on one morning from angry Sun readers.

No doubt there are many more examples, but those are the ones I can think of, and I think they perfectly illustrate my case that the Scum is all of the things I have wrote about it.

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