Attacks on SKWAWKBOX intensifying and desperate. Wonder why..


wilde enemiesA week ago, the SKWAWKBOX reported on the Murdoch Times using a decision by IPSO (the so-called Independent Press Standards Organisation) on a complaint made about smears in the Mail and S*n to attack this blog’s credibility. IPSO is funded and run by the mainstream press to create what has been called ‘the illusion of reform’ – Mail editor Paul Dacre is its recent chair.

That attack has now been repeated and intensified across the right-wing press including, yesterday, Murdoch’s S*n.

Ironically but unsurprisingly, the attack is itself fake news – fake news that hints at a certain desperation.

The news is fake because it cherry-picks parts of the decision and fails to mention the fact of IPSO’s funding and management in order to treat the organisation – which is not Leveson-compliant – as an independent and official arbiter.

bloggs ipsoIt omits, for example, the fact that the Mail – whose…

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Austerity is “economic murder” says Cambridge researcher

Politics and Insights

Image result for austerity and deathsA research report, published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) Open – theEffects of health and social care spending constraints on mortality in England: a time trend analysis, concludes that austerity cuts are correlated with an increase in mortality rates, confirming what many of us have proposed for some time. The research revealed that there were 45,000 more deaths in the first four years of Tory-led “efficiency savings” than would have been expected if funding had stayed at pre-election levels.

The new study strongly suggests that austerity policies have caused 120,000 deaths. 

The joint research was conducted by Oxford, Cambridge and University College London, and it makes clear links between cuts in government health and social care spending and higher mortality rates in England. 

Cambridge University’s Professor Lawrence King, who contributed to the study, said: “Austerity does not promote growth or reduce deficits – it is bad economics. It…

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These Attacks on Jeremy Corbyn need to STOP……….

…..As journalists are only showing yourselves up, I will give another example that happened this morning 10th November 17 on Sky News Paper Review.

The discussion was about Grenfell yes a touchy subject for many due to the very poorly way it has been handled from the start I forget the reviewers name but matters not as she is unimportant anyway.

She saw it fit to criticise Jeremy Corbyn for him saying something that all MPs should be saying, that there needs to be investment in the budget to fit sprinklers to all tower blocks he is of course right to say it but then I guess it will only come from a left leaning MP and not a centrist one!

She said that Jeremy Corbyn should not be making this issue political by sighting the report that has been sat on for the past 10 years, what relevance that has is beyond me as she has forgot it was sat on by Tories too since May 2010 and thus has made it political herself by mentioning it.

It’s not political it’s what human’s with a heart want to hear

Lets be clear here as I am sure most will agree I could not give a toss of who did this and who did not only that we have MPs willing to stand up and say what needs to be said and that action on those words is taken as that is not being political its fucking common sense.

These maybe seen as small attacks hidden within the words journalists speak hoping that they will not be picked up by the likes of us viewers, but they are attacks all the same that paint the wrong light on a politician trying his damned hardest to bring the changes to politics the majority need.

To the press reviewer you made something political that was not in the first place and still after two years make the mistake all journalist make thinking Jeremy Corbyn’s Govt is the same as Centrist New Labour IT’S NOT as they would do nothing and only a left government of Corbyn’s will.



Apologies to Remainers

Following two Skwawkbox articles posted yesterday and followed up today on #Brexit I wish to make an apology to the many who voted remain and continue to fight to remain within the European Union of which I will try and explain my reasoning below.

I like them voted remain and unfortunately lost that referendum vote by 4% 48% to remain against 52% to leave however since then have supported the leavers purely because they won and my respect for the referendum of which is the people’s vote and thus what I see as democracy.

However whilst I support democracy I also support and respect lawfulness and this has been anything but, I have been mindful to rethink my opinion ever since the withdrawal bill shenanigans and these latest revelations has cemented that.

Brexshit has been a lie from the off with due process not followed and now believe and support the idea that Jeremy Corbyn should reconsider his stance too and gain the many votes of the remainers who have largely turned away from him

This would put a clear line between his policies and brexit against those of the corrupt tory party and would also I strongly believe gain the important support from business too

Walking away from brexit must NEVER be on the cards and staying fully in the European Union and revoking the phoney Article 50 has to be the right course.

So apologies to those who voted remain and in particularly to those I have spoken out against I have crossed the floor and am on your side.

Links that further make my reasoning clear.


Millions of pounds originating from HSBC have been laundered directly to the Conservatives, say claims

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Roger Mullin of the Scottish National Party.

New cash for Conservatives scandal

Roger Mullin, MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, has called for an investigation after it was disclosed that “£5 million of HSBC loans were laundered directly to Conservative HQ.” He isn’t alone.

It appears that evidence has emerged of organised, very substantial and ongoing donations made by IPGL, a private holding company, and other subsidiaries, controlled by Michael Spencer to the Conservative Party, totalling at least £5.3m, representing a “huge percentage of annual turnover”. 

Michael Spencer’s interdealer brokerICAP was fined for its role in the Libor scandal. The Conservative Party resisted calls from the opposition to return £4.6m donations ICAP and Michael Spencer made during the period of the Libor Scandal when Spencer was also Treasurer of the Party.

Campaigners and other opposition MPs such as Labour’s John Mann, who serves on the Treasury…

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Exclusive, explosive: Emma D-C – #GrenfellInquiry looks “pre-determined”


edcEmma Dent-Coad MP

Labour’s new MP Emma Dent-Coad has been widely praised for her actions and compassion in the aftermath of the terrible Grenfell Tower fire, which took at least eighty lives just days after her ‘shock’ General Election victory in Kensington.

In an exclusive interview given to the SKWAWKBOX this week, Ms Dent-Coad spoke frankly of the ordeal still faced daily by her constituents – and of her grave concerns over the aims of the government’s public inquiry.

Ms D-C told the SKWAWKBOX:

  • her constituents being forced to compete against each other for housing
  • of the complete unsuitability of the accommodation being offered to many Grenfell survivors
  • of her intention to support the “People’s Inquiry” that Grenfell campaigners may mount
  • of the ‘shame’ of the government inquiry’s narrow terms of reference
  • of the humiliating ordeal survivors are forced to undergo to access financial help funded by public donations
  • that…

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WARNING: This post will contain expletives of which I make no apology as I believe in expressing in type how you feel so walk away now if you cannot stomach such.


Well I say society because if you are not an “I’m alright jack” you really should not and be making a collective stand against such abuse and abuse, bullying IS exactly what it is and we used to be a nation that would not put up with it and that now seems to be the case sadly.

The #UNCRPD17 made its forth report just a few weeks ago and are beloved Tory party stuck it’s two fingers up to them and denied it was true but really if that was the case why the fuck is this happening so often.

Terminally-ill cancer patients among hundreds appealing PIP decisions

Quite an appalling headline I am sure you will agree but lets stop for one minute from our busy lives and let that sink in because it DOES NOT need to happen as the legislation and policy was fine as it was before these shysters came to governance.

I am angry fucking ANGRY but I am also sad for those having to be forced though this abuse like cattle and absolutely no concern or feelings for these TERMINALLY ill citizens, do they think they have not got enough to deal with as it is getting there families ready for there eventual deaths.


There is a specific form for this it’s called a DS1500 which is not available online and can only be filled in by a medical PROFESSIONAL yes someone who fucking knows you twats and that should be all that is needed it does not need constant reassessment, mandatory reconsideration or TRIBUNAL.

There is no remission from illness and a DDS1500 is exactly that an end of life form to prove final entitlement and no ifs no buts it should be accepted.

All that is not only fucking wasteful to the treasury that puts needless cases before a judge and why 65% of cases are RIGHTFULLY WINNING it is also causing fucking needless harm and suffering to the TERMINAL PATIENT it is as if you enjoy doing what you are doing and cant wait to fucking kill them off as a waste to society.

Guess what they are citizens until there last breath and DESERVE respect and compassion and dare I say there remaining lives not only to the patient but family too made as easy as possible.

It should not be filled with your bullshit as that is what it is BULLSHIT that causes distress and anxiety.

Citizens PLEASE wake up and DO NOT accept this a DS1500 is all that should be needed from a PROFESSIONAL not some jumped up lackey. Ask yourself do you want this abuse for your family because it does affect us all including those I’M Alright Jacks.