STRIKES – Unfortunately many Citizens have short memories.

I saw this Facebook post by Paula Peters this morning and felt the need to blog it and thus get it out to a wider audience because this is what many citizens do not get when they feel their private lives are being invaded.

Although this relates to the tube drivers strike it can equally apply to all the strikes we see and as Paula says it is not all about pay but for some reason that is always the one the public give when they feel the need to speak out.

The public who use these services need to start understanding that it is not always about pay and that strikes it can be for a number of reasons including the health and safety of the service users. The debacle of the #NHSCRISIS should be enough to tell you the Govt do not care one iota about the health and safety of not only employees but the public at large too.

Quote from Paula Peters:

“Yesterday in London was at bus stop and everyone in the queue were talking about the London underground strike and the problems getting around, three of them complaining about the strike and one said overpaid staff should get back to work.

Was getting angry by listening to the media crap some were spouting so had to say something didn’t I.

I said excuse me, how many of you in this queue (there were 12 of them) said how many of you had to use a ticket machine to travel this morning? Hands up.

11 put their hands up.

Then said, and how many of you took struggled to use the ticket machine, probably needed some assistance in which to do this or needed to speak to a member of staff to get some advice? Hands up.

11 put their hands up.

Then said, OK, how many of you use the underground often or regular basis, wish there were more staff on the underground when you are struggling to use ticket barriers, dropped something on the track, taken unwell on the station, need staff member to show you where you need to go and what if there was a terrorist attack need those staff to evacuate the station and lead you to safety? Hands up

.All 12 put their hands up.

I said you know why they are on strike today?

Fighting ticket office closures, fighting for the lack of staff on stations. The trade unions are fighting for your safety as you travel and go about your daily lives.

Instead of buying the government crap in the media, Employees are saying no trade union takes this action lightly and wish often there was another way, but feel they have no choice with a government whose only interest is about profit of companies before passenger safety and access.

Instead of abuse to the striking workers perhaps some solidarity to them might be good.

There was complete silence at the end of that.

Then several of them said, I did not look at it like that. I said, find a picket line and ask the workers why they are there, if they have a leaflet take one, if you have an experience of the underground you wish to share take a moment to share it.

But remember most of all, many of the rights you have today are because trade unionists made a stand to fight for your rights in the first place so a few days of difficulty travelling about has to be endured when the issues affect all of us.

Solidarity by the way to Aslef on Southern Rail dispute this morning. Keep guards on trains, its about our safety and access to travel on the rail network.


So their you have it lets not taint the best efforts of those seeking to improve the services that we all rely on against the backdrop of corporations who could not give a flying fig about those employees or the public using them.

So get behind them and find the time to show a united front because the sooner you do the sooner Govt and Corporates will listen and bring the safer services you deserve.


Proof: #Farage applied for German citizenship – and could face 5 yrs prison for it


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farage-flagIn August, various news outlets reported a rumour that former UKIP leader Nigel Farage had applied for German citizenship and passport. That allegation was rubbished by ‘sources close to’ Mr Farage:

indy farage.png

In a worldwide exclusive, the SKWAWKBOX can report that not only did Nigel Farage apply for a German passport, but he did so on the day after the EU referendum – and is under police investigation for allegedly providing false information.

Mr Farage was reported to the police by a concerned German citizen with an interest in…

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Apparently, #Corbyn has no policies. Here they are – and they’re exciting


pol download.pngCorbyn’s policies are not secret – the Blairites just treat them like they are

As this blog observed a few days ago, the ‘business as usual’, anti-Corbyn faction of the Labour party is currently carrying out a second ‘silent coup’ – a strategy of silence and denial with regard to the credibility of the Labour party under Jeremy Corbyn.

Basically, this consists of keeping silent about any Labour ‘vision’ and then claiming “there’s no plan!” at every opportunity, with the assistance of the media who put 10 ‘plan-deniers’ in front of the public for every Corbyn supporter and who give the former an easy ride while sneering at the latter.

Of course, the reality is that Corbyn and his team have both a vision and a plan. The quandary is, as it always has been for a Labour opposition, that disclosing plans runs the risk of the Tories stealing them…

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If you want rid of McNicol, you need to read this


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Iain McNicol, General Secretary of the Labour party, has been putting on quite a performance of late and not in a good way.

If you’re one of the many tens of thousands of Labour members, supporters or affiliate members who were deprived of a vote in the leadership election and/or you were suspended or even expelled from the party as part of the latest purge, or if you simply care about having a democratic Labour party that gets behind its leader to fight the reckless and damaging Tories, McNicol’s name will be mud – or several rungs below that.

If you’re a member of Wallasey CLP (Constituency Labour Party), currently still suspended indefinitely after false allegations of abuse and under further…

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Where has the Social Care and Justice GONE

So I sit here again in the dead of night fraught with worry unable to sleep thinking for answers which of course will now fuck up the day ahead, this has been a  recurrence for some years now but certainly since the Tories came to office.

So excuse me whilst I rant as maybe getting this down will heal and rest the mind

Social Care and Justice is a subject getting much attention in the press and media of late and dare I say is much needed but it is too an issue that has greatly impacted on my own family and unless I talk bout it myself much will go unnoticed as you see the press and media can only bring us the broader issues and not the real impact on a given family.

We are a family that has done a great service to our Govt that mostly goes unnoticed we just did it as it was for us the right thing to do, we cared for our mum until she lost the fight for life in April due to a twisted bowel but she also had Alzheimer’s disease so needed a lot of care, this was hard for us all to cope with and was trying at the best of times.

You see she was a very intelligent lady that had a good grasp on life was impeccable in everything she did and used to amaze me at how fast she could wizz through a quiz book.

Watching someone you love so much slowly ebb away is one of the hardest things to grasp and understand in life indeed not everyone can do it and that is where the role of the care home comes in and may I say failing many too.

So between me and my wife we was glad now we took that important decision to care for ourselves it was hard but we got their and she lived a good life right up to her final day free of any abuse why? because we loved her like no one else could simple as that.

We did everything like all her household things that she once took so much pride in dong herself to taking her on drives out even if it was to just park on top of portsdown hill and watch life go by  or making sure she keep to her GP and Hospital appointments and helping her up off the floor if she had a all the list is virtually endless as many who does this will know.

But were as the support and help we had none none what so ever and life could have been more bearable if we had some to give us a break and especially as I am disabled myself due to an SAH/Stroke, we literally saved the Govt thousands of pounds being part of an army of home carers.

Now you would think this would be the end of the matter now that she has passed away god bless her but no as I have had my own battles with the DWP to get the support I am entitled too which BTW was happening whilst trying to care for mum.

I will not go into my own battle here as it is too complicated and will take an age to explain, however it is blogged on these pages.

To sum up it has been hard but I take the blessing that our mum had a good life and was well cared for until the end all taken care off by ourselves and is now at peace with her late husband which is what she always wanted.

But I scorn shame on our Govt just like many others do, they will never get it but you can be certain they will expect excellent care when they need it.


Deselection List

Today I am feeling somewhat livid due to some MPs complaining because it has been exposed by one of their own Right Wing Centralist MPs Owen Smith  on last nights final leadership debate that their names are included on a list they term as a Deselection List.

Owen Smith made no mention of the thousands of members who had a right to vote but were purged for some of the most menial reasons and in the most cases for merely expression an opinion which all MPs and Mainstream Media do day in day out and which is not against party rules indeed that should be applauded as it provokes debate and policy.

Why am I somewhat livid though? because it is me me me do they have short memories and have forgotten why they are on such a list? it is they who caused all this mess from the outset by throwing a hissy fit and resigning from cabinet posts instead of uniting for it’s members and the wider electorate.

If they do not like the idea of a Jeremy Corbyn Government tough they should not have under estimated the feeling of the public and maybe they should blame those MPs who nominated him back in September 2015.

Everyone including MPs love to dictate how we live in a democracy only many do not believe that I certainly no longer do after being purged and I expect many more will too should the vote go to Owen Smith.

Are they not concerned of the huge numbers of members who have been purged from voting? or do they not care and are just happy to be centralist MPs in opposition with no hope of winning and being the governing party.

We have all heard and witnessed many tragic incidents over the past 6 years indeed one would say that should be enough to end that term but no they carry on without a care in the world backed up by centralist left MPs with no real opposition.

When will they wake up to all the harm and suffering this Tory Government has caused and fucking do something about it?

It is not banks and corporatism that makes Britain great that comes second to the collective will of the people, yes it is us as citizens that will transform Britain with Govt making the legislation to enable us to do it.

Investment in People, Homes, Jobs, Training and infrastructure this are the tools the UK needs and of which Government will see a return to the treasury not more borrowing by the billions just to prop up the markets with nothing to show for it except a far bigger debt mountain which we have now from Cameron’s term.

So those MPs complaining you reap what you sow stop leading us down this continued path of doom and gloom start leading with real opposition to the Tories because I only see a few MPs with Jeremy Corbyn doing that of which it is not him personally that appeals but his alternative ideas and policies, even Jean-Claude Junker said the EU is not socialist enough and just because Corbyn wants a more socialist nation does not mean it will be the same socialist nation of the past.

So maybe you would not be on a deselection list ( If that is what it is ) if you was not so inbred working to your own ideals instead of what is best for all and the greater nation.

Finally as you see here I have opinions just like you that is democracy it is not a reason to be purged and deny my vote.








Labour Purge Day 19 – The Battle Continues


Yesterday evening I travelled from Southampton to London to attend a public meeting called by Labour Against the Witch Hunts, a group battling against the unfair suspension of thousands of members of the Labour Party.

As people at the meeting exchanged their experiences of arbitrary suspension, by the dreaded Compliance Unit, and the unclear appeal process, phrases such as Kafkaesque and Orwellian were used. It is so sad to see the methods being used by the right to attack the resurgence of a left movement built around Jeremy Corbyn. One of the key messages was do not be silent – we must continue to publicly oppose, and expose, the methods of the Labour Purge.

Labour Against the Witch Hunts have organised a petition, to be delivered to the National Executive Committee, asking for emergency action to lift suspensions, and restore voting rights in the leadership election. If you have not…

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