Open Letter to Piers Morgan

Dear Piers

I will be the first to admit I have not be a great supporter of you and disagreed with much you stood for, however having said that praise where it is due and your speaking out in support of the NHS has to be commended.

I have supported the NHS for as long as I can remember and that ramped up from 2012 going on the demo’s that was organised against the cutbacks imposed by this Govt and I did not see you supporting them then, but then you were not the only media reporter/celebrity not to do so which is a shame really on how press and broadcast media has portrayed the cutbacks and supporting everything the Tories have done.

Had walk-in centres, wards, medical professionals, nursing bursaries etc etc not been cut to the bone we would have been in a far better position to take on this #COVID19 Pandemic, that I have no doubt and that is reflected in the lose of life we are seeing.

As I say I do prasie you now for the stance you are showing in calling out the wrongs, however that must not end when the pandemic ends you must raise the batten and carry on promoting the good of the NHS and bring press, media and celebrities on board with you and be the NHS shining light for a well funded NHS for all and free at the point of need, the NHS deserves that now and in the future no longer should it be subject to the highest price by the likes of trump but cherished by us all for us all including you.

If you can do this then you have my support.

Kindest Regards

Leon Carter @leonc1963

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