The United Kingdom has Gone Stark Raving Bonkers…

Yeah get that headline, The United Kingdom has gone Stark Raving Bonkers all for what exactly, some Wet Dream of “Get Brexit Done” as if it could be done in the timescales Johnson has wrongly given.

He bullshitted his way through this election campaign hiding from where ever he could and the British Public fell for it hook, line and sinker all in the name of rushing brexit through and creating errors and fuck ups as he goes and I only now see his hard brexit and crash out of the EU that will cause so much damage and the Northerners voted for that WTF..

The UK voted for more of the last 10 years, more austerity more homelessness, more children laying on hospital floors, more citizens dying when all they want is some care, more disabled citizens being punished for being disabled via a brutal welfare reform agenda, more citizens going hungry, more citizens worrying about debt because wages have not kept pace etc etc all for some fucking wet dream of ” Get Brexit Done”

We could have had a second vote, where leavers could have campaigned and still brought a leave vote and actually had a leader negotiating for a better deal that protects our rights and jobs and much more but no they want out ASAP they could have welcomed the investment the north would have got but no they just want to be out with very little thought of the consequences.

As I say again The United Kingdom soon to be “Little England” and a laughing stock to the world has gone Stark Raving Bonkers and I for one want out, Hello Scotland

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