Striking Resemblance with Windrush

I have built this thread with Thread reader so it was easier to bring to this forum

Whilst I do  not wish to take away the absolute shambles caused to the windrush generation which has rightly been condemned by MPs and ciizens alike I had to make this observation.


The reason so was because when I read the thread it had a striking resemblance to that suffered by disabled people they have faced the same hostile environment whether that be with the DWP its contractors or indeed some citizens who lack the understanding.

They have been under pressure for evidence paperwork when many just like the windrush generation find it hard to produce due to time passed, legislation that is their to work against them, DWP Employees who lie through their teeth contractors who care more about getting the money rolling in than they do about the disabled citizens they are there to assess via a draconian test.

Appeals that are often won and were millions are wasted on fruitless appeals that should never have gone to appeal as this senior tribunal judge makes clear.

This Govt never either took heed from the reports from the UN CRPD and in which they said “Grave and Systemic Violations” they were not wrong because as reported tonight life has been lost from the Windrush Generation so too has many disabled lives been needlessly lost.

It is my belief that this Hostile Environment affects us all in some form or another and is honed in just about every Government Department indeed it is the bywords of Tory Government whether you are Disabled, Immigrant, Refugee, Homeless, a child in education without a free school meal, Unemployed through no fault of your own, a family facing the barrage of cuts, wanting access to justice via legal aid, foodbank user, struggling under poverty etc you will face this Tory Hostile Environment as it is written to be so in every piece of Tory legislation.

I’ve said it countless times before and ill say it again the civil service from all departments including the DWP who dish out the same “Hostile Environment” should not become the Tories lackeys and should now start showing some humanity and go on strike in support of the citizens they are their to help and as a mark that the WILL NOT accept this hostile environment any more.

As a final passing thought how can our Prime Minister have the audacity to call herself Christian.




2 thoughts on “Striking Resemblance with Windrush

  1. I’m an atheist. But my late uncle was a Catholic priest. He said that some people who called themselves Christians didn’t behave like Christians. I agree completely about Tory morality.

  2. Yes. About time this cruel vindictive excuse for a human so called christian was shown up for what she is. Her hostile environment was aimed at every body but tories. No compassion was ever shown to any vulnerable person since 2010. BUT SINCE 2016 IT HAS GOT WORSE SINCE SHE ROSE TO POWER. The latest assault on the poor means she is taking food out of childrens mouths. Why is the UN doing nothing, why is the save the children doing nothing while they ask for money off us to feed overseas hungry children. 200 years ago she would have been burnt at the stake, and deserved it. Pity the practice died out. I would be honoured to light the match that sent her where she belongs. TO HELL.

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