Apologies to Remainers

Following two Skwawkbox articles posted yesterday and followed up today on #Brexit I wish to make an apology to the many who voted remain and continue to fight to remain within the European Union of which I will try and explain my reasoning below.

I like them voted remain and unfortunately lost that referendum vote by 4% 48% to remain against 52% to leave however since then have supported the leavers purely because they won and my respect for the referendum of which is the people’s vote and thus what I see as democracy.

However whilst I support democracy I also support and respect lawfulness and this has been anything but, I have been mindful to rethink my opinion ever since the withdrawal bill shenanigans and these latest revelations has cemented that.

Brexshit has been a lie from the off with due process not followed and now believe and support the idea that Jeremy Corbyn should reconsider his stance too and gain the many votes of the remainers who have largely turned away from him

This would put a clear line between his policies and brexit against those of the corrupt tory party and would also I strongly believe gain the important support from business too

Walking away from brexit must NEVER be on the cards and staying fully in the European Union and revoking the phoney Article 50 has to be the right course.

So apologies to those who voted remain and in particularly to those I have spoken out against I have crossed the floor and am on your side.

Links that further make my reasoning clear.