Conservative MP peeved off because he got a parking fine.

Yes you read that headline right and yes I nearly chocked on my coffee!

Funny how they only take notice when it affects them but the point is, this arbitrary practise has been going on now for years but only now does he feel it worthy of doing something about it.

This MP is one Will Quince he got a fine or how he puts it an invoice for overstaying for 10 minutes in a car park on private land and got caught by the ANPR camera’s


Now I am all for something to be done about this, even if it does come a few years late but he also needs to see the bigger picture, for instance the picture where our NHS employees lost a case for the same thing parking on private land and ended up with a bill of £13m between them and I for one would rather see our public employees doing  a vital job being protected by these parking sharks.

This was widely reported in the press a couple of months ago, but I did not see any MP speaking out against it or taking any action, why is that Will Quince? do you think it is a bigger problem than your solitary £54 fine?

Finally I hope as will many who read my blog will feel that your £54 fine will be a lesson learnt and more importantly force you into action and table an EDM the moment parliament reconvenes in September as I strongly think our Doctors, Nurses and all the other NHS employees feel more grieved than you and deserve justice too and should indeed have a free pass to park whilst doing important work and not have to worry if they have overstayed.

The balls in your court.