Looks like the HRA is back on Tory agenda

So tonight we learn that Theresa May wants another stab at trying to remove our rights all in the name of Terrorists, Hey nothing like punishing citizens for something they had no part in but then that is Tory Mantra as Austerity has proved.

Govt and Justice has an abundance of legislation to deal with terrorists.

She does not have to do this and her reasons are a lame excuse when all she has to do is insert a clause into the said act stating that known terrorists will be excluded from the act.

Simple and can be done in a matter of days via Statutory Instrument and would no doubt get cross party support.

I don’t know about you but I am getting mighty pissed off with this Govt abusing its citizens with an abundance of legislation that attacks and does nothing to uniting the populace.





Dialogue and Context

Dialogue and Context these are two words many fail to get a grip off when discussing Corbyn and his misconceived connection with undesirables.

Jeremy Corbyn throughout his 30+ years of political life has always tried to go that extra mile in achieving peace indeed that is why he was awarded  The Gandhi Foundation International Peace Award for 2013 which is not awarded lightly but rather nominees are well researched.

He goes that extra mile to open dialogue with those who seek to destroy that does not come easy and often takes some unusual moves but you cant take that away from him for trying as his aim has always been honourable.

During this election campaign I have witnessed much baloney accusing him of being a terrorist sympathizer nothing is further from the truth if it was he would not have brought us the excellent manifesto, if it was he would not be drawing such vast numbers of citizens at every event he goes too indeed we are lumbered by just a few people who cannot see the wood from the trees and believe the copious amounts of press and media bullshit which is mostly taken out of context and spun do you really think an active man from the Stop the War campaign would be a terrorist sympathizer, it is laughable.

No one doubts the methods he used to open dialogue but then we should not doubt the reasons for doing so as he is and always has been a peace negotiator and for gods sake it is just the qualities we need now running this nation given the recent brutal atrocities in Manchester and London.

He is the only one with the tenacity that understands the issues of terrorism we face and the only one who will go the extra mile to find ways to open dialogue to negotiation which was something this nation was good at and why fighting fire with fire is not and never will be the best option of which must always be the last option as doing so will escalate and lead to full blown war.

I request that you see mainstream media as a source to research the article and not take it at face value as they have there own agenda read books, magazines, websites and blogs at take you opinion from a variety of sources as that is the only way we can come to a more informed opinion.