Go On, Give me one good reason to Vote Tory.

Back in 1986 I was a young 23 year old with a life ahead of me having got married in the May of that year I was at the time a Tory voter following in my families tradition and at the time had nothing to doubt them in my young mind but my, how views change over the years as you read here.

My wife’s mum had a 4 bedroom council house and with her children growing up and moving out it was decided that we would set up home there as it had 2 spare bedrooms as my wife and her mum was only taking up two of them and as the council was trying to force her out into a one bedroom property if my wife moved out this seemed the logical choice in the short term at least.

Then came along Thatchers right to buy which at the time further reinforced my intentions to vote Tory so we went ahead and looked into this and found that her mum could live out her lasting days here if she allowed us to buy it rent free in exchange for her 60% discount so that was the plan we all agreed.

We brought the house for £13,580 but borrowed more as the home was sub standard and needed a lot of work to make it fit for the modern age with central heating, insulation, double glazing, new bathroom and kitchen etc but at the low price of £13,580 it was a price worth doing.

So we was all set mum happily living here with the all memories she had gained since the 60’s close by and a home we could use with enough bedrooms to start a family whilst looking after mum.

I was working full-time and my wife part-time in the evenings as she had children to look after as well as her mum who was depending on her more and more as the years progressed but we was happy with the set up as I would take over in the evenings so she could get out and have what she called free time on her own away from mum and the children but in fact was part-time work in the local co-op it gave her the chance to get out and talk to customers and is why she stayed to this day.

Roll forward to April 1991 and an event happened that would change our lives forever and in the main changed my political outlook over the years to the present.

I had an SAH/Stroke at just 27 years old and was to curtail the plans we had made for the future I had to have a craniotomy and long operation to clip the bleed in the middle cerebral artery which was an aneurysm that had been growing in a weak blood vessel wall from birth and just took its moment to burst – shit happens but live goes on

I was in induced coma for 6 weeks to rest and limit brain activity and lots of physiotherapy followed to get as much use of my right side back I was absolutely keen and adamant to get back to work as soon as possible as my employer paid me full wages throughout the 12 months I was off work and the thought of claiming Disability Living Allowance just never crossed my mind indeed at the time I did not even know what was available to support me and my family through these troubled times no one told me and as my employer never cut my wages it had no concern to me, indeed my thought was there are citizens out there who need it more than me.

It was not until many many years later that I found out that working was not a barrier to claiming DLA and it was an in-work benefit to help with the additional costs of being disabled.

Roll forward to 2007 and the global financial crash was here and my subsequent redundancy, due to employer not being able to get the loans he needed to expand his business and losing contracts meant half the workforce had to go and me being disabled I was on the list times and employers mindsets change I guess over the years just as they had for me.

The redundancy payment I had with erratic wage payments I had due to agency work meant I was able to keep my head above water for 6 months and had hoped to find full time employment in that time but was not the case and even agency work dried up too.

This was the point that I had no choice but to go to DWP for help you see being disabled put me at a disadvantage in the work place due to my disabilities which were both mental and physical but I carried on looking for work and having many interviews without success as I just did not want to be beat by the system that I was finding to be not working for me.

I remember one employer not even giving me an interview and looked at my club right hand and said no you are better off on disability benefits I thought WTF!  I literally walked into the room and walked straight back out again but what could I do as just his word against mine and could not claim discrimination as he was not even my employer.

So here I was a disabled citizen on Incapacity Benefit and middle rate of DLA a substantial reduction in what I was earning and payback for all the years I had worked and claimed nothing perhaps I should have claimed DLA back in 1991 instead of waiting until I had real need in 2007 as I could have saved it all.

Anyone remember that Cunt Cameron saying in 2010 that no one should claim benefits unless they had real need? did he forget many had been doing exactly that  for many years before he made that absolutely dumb statement?

That statement struck a nasty cord and was to be the beginning of my research into politics and in particular the Conservative Party it came at the right time as Austerity was about to bite harder and harder as those 7 years progressed and was to be the force to join and support the Labour Party and what finally swung it was Jeremy Corbyn in Sept 2015

Our beloved mum passed away in March 2016 we take heart in the fact we gave her the best care known to man lived out her final years relatively free of pain with the help of medication and without bed sores that are a pain to so many elderly due to lack of care.

We live on in poverty no longer am I getting ESA as the DWP despite having life long disability thought migrating me to ESA from IB with a 365 Day limit on it was a good idea I still get DLA Care at middle rate but am living in fear of another assessment for PIP and losing that too which will be me with Zero Income.

My wife who was getting Carers allowance at the poultry sum off about £60 a week lost that too a few years ago because she was investigated heaven knows why it was a fuckin kick in the teeth but anyway they said she worked just a few hours sometimes just a few minutes over what was allowed

Trying to juggle the demands of work whilst trying to keep tabs on not going over is no easy task especially when your employer is making request for overtime and you think you are doing the economy a good turn.

What was the result? she lost it all not just the hours she went over but the who bloody lot over £16,000 and that debt she is still paying via attachment whilst her mum is not even here so is a bad memory every time she looks at her wage slip needing me to comfort her every month.

We have saved the Govt not only thousands in DLA but also thousands in caring for our mum ourselves and not putting the burden on the Govt and they know treat us with such disdain.

The Tory Party are not just the #nastyparty but absolute vile without an ounce of care and if any of the DWP ministers knocked on my door now I will snack them on the nose as the GBH charge would be a price worth paying.

My only hope now is the Labour Party are returned to Govt on the June 8th as maybe then I can partake some training to get back to work and forget these sorry years in politics because whilst I will be 54 on June 4th and disabled I still have worth to the economy which Jeremy rightly believes in.

I have postponed my birthday on June 4th and carried it forward to June 9th hopefully it will be a morning I can open those 4 cans of larger I have saved in the fridge!!

#JC4PM all the way





3 thoughts on “Go On, Give me one good reason to Vote Tory.

  1. ah never never ever vote tory but many of my friends exforces have but now realising they been conned by these devils yet 13million are disabled I think that alone will push corbyn over the finishing line has these devils have culled the stock under the eyes of all yet make out its other peoples fault black white yellow they have us fighting amongst ourself or so it seems but daily more are awakening from their sleep walking to find there is light amongst these rogues of callous MPs to that we have to pray that he comes through

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