Did you know homeless people can register to vote? Here’s how. #GE17

Even I did not know this and was under the believe you had to have a fixed UK Address so our homeless citizens which include those living in temporary accommodation have a direct route to justice by heading straight to councils and ensuring they are registered and vote Labour Party as it is the best chance right now of permanent residency.


You might not have known it, but homeless people can register to vote. The SKWAWKBOX didn’t until contacted by the @Homeless_vote Twitter account with a request to publicise their drive to get as many homeless people to register as possible.

elec homeless.pngThe form for registering to vote if you have no fixed address

It’s vital, as disenfranchisement is far more widespread among homeless people. And if you are a Labour supporter, you have even more reason to support the push, as it’s unlikely many homeless people – who have increased vastly in number under the Tories (over 120,000children were homeless last Christmas) – will vote for the Conservatives.

As the government’s site on voter registration makes clear, homelessness is no bar to the right to vote:

Who is eligible to register to vote? You can register to vote in the UK if you are:
• resident (usually live in the…

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