Huge Tax increases? Don’t believe the lies

As the title of this blog says Don’t believe the lies of Press and Media and remember they have a motive to spread such dogma and downright bullshit.

As many readers of my blog know I am a Stroke Survivor but even I have the foresight and inclination to see what is going on here, yes their will be some rises in taxation that we can understand and welcome for the changes this nation desperately needs to level the balance of inequality, Justice and bring about an end to austerity in which so many citizens have suffered.

But the very important point I wish to get across is this, the efficiency saving factor that none of the press and media talk about we all know that austerity and failed Tory policy and legislation has cost dear and continues to do so until the changes that are needed are enacted.

This wastage will be factored into Labour costings making many of there policies cost neutral they could even go as far as making a saving over what our Govt is spending.

Ill take one department as an example as it has affected me greatly and that is the Department of Works and Pensions it has over the past 7 years had a catalogue of wasteful expenditure from needless tribunals of some of the most disabled and ill citizens a work capability assessment that is just not working and costing a fortune in wasteful contracts a failed universal credit programme that is still not fully implemented and was subject to not one but two failed I.T Systems that cost a mint.

This wastefulness is spread across all departments and needs stopping so that the money can be properly and thoughtfully used in better ways.

So whilst corporations will be asked to pay a bit more lets remember the billions they have not paid and the benefits they will get in paying a bit more surely a skilled workforce brought about via free education for all is a price work paying in the longer term.

Surely those earning over £80 thousand per annum and of which some of these people will not even feel it due to the astronomical amounts they earn is a price worth paying due to the better services they will get from it.

We have got it into our heads that taxation is bad when in fact I see it as a good and part of being a part of society and sharing to bring about the well financed services we all enjoy day in day out.

The press and media as far as I am concerned need a good kicking as they too should bloody well pay there dues in taxation and why they report so anti over Jeremy Corbyn’s Manifesto.

We have a great chance in front of us which only comes around once ever 5 years just one day when power transfers to us lets not waste it and use it to good effect just as labour party will on policy and legislation for the many and not the few.

Tory media just won #GE17 – for Labour – with leaked #LabourManifesto


So, just as Corbyn’s team were playing an extremely clever game by making the media wait for an official announcement on tuition fees and letting speculation build anticipation, someone at Labour HQ decided to leak Labour’s entire manifesto.

Well, not quite. What they released is an early draft, but one which contains the bones of Labour’s vision under Corbyn.

And the right-wing media have just committed a colossal mistake – shot themselves in the foot, in fact – by going huge on it.

Because it’s fantastic.

shot in footIt captures the scale and boldness of vision that has crowds like this turning out even in Tory cities:

york crowd.pngOf course the Torygraph (T) and the right-wing ticks still embedded in Labour are sneering at the document and assuming it will be damaging – bears s**t in the woods, it’s what they do.

But all they’re achieving is showing how incredibly out of…

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