#Torycampaignfraud: no prosecutions, no surprise


The CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) has announced that no charges will be brought in all but one of the cases of Tory election expense fraud. This should surprise no one – it was always likely to be an Establishment-friendly decision, especially once Theresa May called a General Election.

whitewash.pngThat doesn’t make it any less scandalous. The Tories have already been fined the maximum £70,000 that the Electoral Commission (EC) could impose – and the head of the EC said she would have fined them far more had she been able to – so the fact that false declarations were made is established.

It is what it is – every Labour supporter knows that we are fighting an Establishment that tends to close ranks to protect itself.

We must make sure the electorate doesn’t mistake the decision not to prosecute as a declaration of innocence – the EC fine is proof…

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