Energy Huff and Puff

We have all heard the Huff and Puff from various political parties of what they will do to curb the steep Energy Prices, it usually comes to the fore around election time and this General Election is no exception with the Tories proposing a price cap.

Given that the Tories are the party of Business and in particular Big Business Corporations we can safely take this promise with a pinch of salt as in true Tory form it will amount to nothing that you can guarantee.

So lets move on and discuss what is actually need for the energy market to operate fairly with transparency and restore the trust in the market that has been lost.

It does not need half baked prices freezes or price caps, this are just temporary measures and will not go far enough, what it actually needs is a wide spread investigation and review across all energy types including nuclear and green.

It needs not be an investigation of just the suppliers as we always get from Tories the none listening party but consumers too including the issues they face in paying, shoddy service and those caught in the prepay trap who are penalised for paying early.

We have all heard the great answer is to shop around and switch but even that may not necessarily get you the best price, indeed those on prepay do not have these options strange that, given they are early payers but lets remember price comparison sites do not always give you best price as they are their to make money too so will promote the suppliers who pay them best commissions and bonuses.

This is all why I believe the correct answer is hand the whole shoddy energy market over to select committee and let them carry out the far reaching investigation and review the market desperately needs even if it takes a year to do as I for one will absorb prices for a year to get the right end result and an energy market that can be trusted and truly works for all.

This is the approach the Labour Party must take and blow Tory party half baked ideas out of the water.

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