A ‘Freaky Sunday’ tale of two polls shows why only one means anything: #GE17


The front pages of two of Sunday’s newspapers tell a remarkable story. It’s not the story either of them is trying to tell:

two pollsThe picture is extremely murky and difficult to unpick. The Daily Mirror is traditionally a Labour newspaper, but its recent history is one of attacking Labour’s leader Jeremy Corbyn. In a General Election campaign, the supposedly left-wing tabloid is carrying a front page featuring a poll that supposedly shows the Tories reaching 50% in an opinion poll.

The Daily Mail is a poisonous right-wing publication that delights in trashing the Labour Party, has a history of supporting British fascism and fawning over Theresa May. It carries a poll showing that the Tory lead has halved almost overnight because of the Tories’ chaos and hubris over planned tax-increases.

In other words, it’s almost as if the two had undergone a ‘Freaky Friday’-type mind-swap, with each behaving as you…

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