Wipe the smile off her face – and get YOUR future back

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This is aimed at the young people of Britain. It begins with an apology and, like all good marketing pitches and therapeutic interventions, ends with a call to action.

First, the apology. You have been let down by your parents’ and grandparents’ generations. They – we, though some of us have tried to stop it – have gradually dismantled much of what made this country great. And in doing so, they have poisoned your future.

They have told you there is no alternative to a country where the public services that my generation took for granted as we grew up are rapidly consigned to the bin, where the NHS and education are starved of funds, where inequality continues to grow, where secure well-paid jobs become harder and harder to find, where pensions (yes, even you will one day need something to live on when you get older) are stolen from…

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