Theresa May – Give the elderly, disabled and vulnerable the Care they deserve

Dear Prime Minister, If my research is correct then I understand that your own ancestors lived in poverty with both your grandmothers working in service and your grandfather worked as a butler.

Your parents must have had to go without as they grew?

I am writing to you in my capacity as a Support worker for individuals with learning disabilities (ex student nurse) to ask that you give our social care sector an urgent agenda.

The Care Cap has been delayed until 2020 yet your own government have only agreed to put £2 billion into the threadbare system over the next three years. To add insult to injury, us support workers and carers have been set a “living wage” of £7.50 per hour whilst working in dangerous conditions.

I have personally worked in care homes that were seriously understaffed which meant the people receiving care suffered. “Poor treatment in a care home” is indeed a breach of article 8 of the human rights act (HRA, 1998) and your current care legislation is totally incompatible. I am no legal expert but from what I understand, every care home should be placed on special measures by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as providers simply cannot meet all of the standards of your own legislation.

Safeguarding is paramount and YOU are not doing that at all. At local level, we support workers that earn around your “living wage” are also paying an increase into our council tax rates (just like everyone else) yet we are paying into such a frail system it could collapse at any point.

I am recommending that all support workers and carers report immediately to the CQC the following….

Short staffing

Unsafe practise

Not enough rest time between shifts

The wage of around £7.50 ph The fact that our elderly, disabled and vulnerable that pay for their care are being treated in a way that tantamount to financial abuse and neglect.

It’s time to give people the care they deserve.

Pay us more and introduce the Care Cap with immediate effect.

Yours Sincerely

Miss Sarah Wiles

Loughborough UK

Theresa May – Give the elderly, disabled and vulnerable the Care they deserve