Where has the Social Care and Justice GONE

So I sit here again in the dead of night fraught with worry unable to sleep thinking for answers which of course will now fuck up the day ahead, this has been a  recurrence for some years now but certainly since the Tories came to office.

So excuse me whilst I rant as maybe getting this down will heal and rest the mind

Social Care and Justice is a subject getting much attention in the press and media of late and dare I say is much needed but it is too an issue that has greatly impacted on my own family and unless I talk bout it myself much will go unnoticed as you see the press and media can only bring us the broader issues and not the real impact on a given family.

We are a family that has done a great service to our Govt that mostly goes unnoticed we just did it as it was for us the right thing to do, we cared for our mum until she lost the fight for life in April due to a twisted bowel but she also had Alzheimer’s disease so needed a lot of care, this was hard for us all to cope with and was trying at the best of times.

You see she was a very intelligent lady that had a good grasp on life was impeccable in everything she did and used to amaze me at how fast she could wizz through a quiz book.

Watching someone you love so much slowly ebb away is one of the hardest things to grasp and understand in life indeed not everyone can do it and that is where the role of the care home comes in and may I say failing many too.

So between me and my wife we was glad now we took that important decision to care for ourselves it was hard but we got their and she lived a good life right up to her final day free of any abuse why? because we loved her like no one else could simple as that.

We did everything like all her household things that she once took so much pride in dong herself to taking her on drives out even if it was to just park on top of portsdown hill and watch life go by  or making sure she keep to her GP and Hospital appointments and helping her up off the floor if she had a all the list is virtually endless as many who does this will know.

But were as the support and help we had none none what so ever and life could have been more bearable if we had some to give us a break and especially as I am disabled myself due to an SAH/Stroke, we literally saved the Govt thousands of pounds being part of an army of home carers.

Now you would think this would be the end of the matter now that she has passed away god bless her but no as I have had my own battles with the DWP to get the support I am entitled too which BTW was happening whilst trying to care for mum.

I will not go into my own battle here as it is too complicated and will take an age to explain, however it is blogged on these pages.

To sum up it has been hard but I take the blessing that our mum had a good life and was well cared for until the end all taken care off by ourselves and is now at peace with her late husband which is what she always wanted.

But I scorn shame on our Govt just like many others do, they will never get it but you can be certain they will expect excellent care when they need it.



4 thoughts on “Where has the Social Care and Justice GONE

  1. ah leon there are very many familys doing this for nowt has you say saving the gov monies yet you or i just a name to them to take away your entitlement yet on it goes the great culling of the stock by benefit denial or any other means aktion t4 rolling along without much of a ado like you sadly my wife and sisterinlaw take care of their mam while saving thousands for them yet thanks nah they only want you to go quietly jeff3

  2. I totally empathise Leon. My dad died last August after living with us for 26 years. I too am disabled but we gave dad a life that he loved, surrounded by his family. It’s a care that no amount of money can buy. I am so sorry that you are having battles with DWP, it’s hard enough just getting through each day with our illnesses, we certainly don’t need it. Much love and hugs xx

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