Deselection List

Today I am feeling somewhat livid due to some MPs complaining because it has been exposed by one of their own Right Wing Centralist MPs Owen Smith  on last nights final leadership debate that their names are included on a list they term as a Deselection List.

Owen Smith made no mention of the thousands of members who had a right to vote but were purged for some of the most menial reasons and in the most cases for merely expression an opinion which all MPs and Mainstream Media do day in day out and which is not against party rules indeed that should be applauded as it provokes debate and policy.

Why am I somewhat livid though? because it is me me me do they have short memories and have forgotten why they are on such a list? it is they who caused all this mess from the outset by throwing a hissy fit and resigning from cabinet posts instead of uniting for it’s members and the wider electorate.

If they do not like the idea of a Jeremy Corbyn Government tough they should not have under estimated the feeling of the public and maybe they should blame those MPs who nominated him back in September 2015.

Everyone including MPs love to dictate how we live in a democracy only many do not believe that I certainly no longer do after being purged and I expect many more will too should the vote go to Owen Smith.

Are they not concerned of the huge numbers of members who have been purged from voting? or do they not care and are just happy to be centralist MPs in opposition with no hope of winning and being the governing party.

We have all heard and witnessed many tragic incidents over the past 6 years indeed one would say that should be enough to end that term but no they carry on without a care in the world backed up by centralist left MPs with no real opposition.

When will they wake up to all the harm and suffering this Tory Government has caused and fucking do something about it?

It is not banks and corporatism that makes Britain great that comes second to the collective will of the people, yes it is us as citizens that will transform Britain with Govt making the legislation to enable us to do it.

Investment in People, Homes, Jobs, Training and infrastructure this are the tools the UK needs and of which Government will see a return to the treasury not more borrowing by the billions just to prop up the markets with nothing to show for it except a far bigger debt mountain which we have now from Cameron’s term.

So those MPs complaining you reap what you sow stop leading us down this continued path of doom and gloom start leading with real opposition to the Tories because I only see a few MPs with Jeremy Corbyn doing that of which it is not him personally that appeals but his alternative ideas and policies, even Jean-Claude Junker said the EU is not socialist enough and just because Corbyn wants a more socialist nation does not mean it will be the same socialist nation of the past.

So maybe you would not be on a deselection list ( If that is what it is ) if you was not so inbred working to your own ideals instead of what is best for all and the greater nation.

Finally as you see here I have opinions just like you that is democracy it is not a reason to be purged and deny my vote.









2 thoughts on “Deselection List

  1. oh hey woke that little demon in you but unless jc does open up our local labour party offices so that we has the people can have our say on those corrupt mps blairites of the party then on this joke goes causing more to loss their vote corruption is their middle names pointing them out just goes to show they dont like it up them jeff3

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