Purged but lets get the timeline of events clear as all very weird

So today 10th September 2016 I received my letter from Iain McNicol putting me on suspension it is a template letter much the same as many others have received but the excuse for my suspension is a comment made on social media on the 29th June 2016.

Their is no link or more detail on what comment it was or indeed what social media platform they was referring too.

Now I have had a few letters from the Labour Party that post dates this comment from requesting donations, informing me of the leadership ballot and what to do when you receive it etc all above board but the one for me that sticks out is the one requesting me to rejoin the Labour Party.

This one was sent and received on the 30th August 2016 some two months after the breach I am supposedly guilty off.

My membership was not due to expire until the 21st September 2016 and thus was current as at the August cut off to vote in the leadership election and as I am a devout Labour Supporter and member that upholds it’s constitution I had no foresight of anything that would prevent me from voting and awaited for my democratic ballot in earnest.

So I rejoined the Labour Party paying for a years membership taking my membership up to 21st September 2017 that I now regret as will not see that money back of which I view it as theft as they base my suspension on an event end of June but took the money on the 31st August 2016 of which they must of known a suspension was about to happen.

Here is the evidence:


I note they say:

Thanks for renewing your Labour Party Membership – we’re delighted you’re staying with us. ARE THEY REALLY?

labour-suspension-2_page1labour-suspension-2_page2This is bang out of order and they have searched me out purely for being a Jeremy Corbyn Supporter but conveniently forget I am still a supporter of the Labour Party and that with or without voting rights that will remain the case because his policies are more in-line with what I believe, nothing can change that so I await the day he is re-elected and my membership and voting rights are restored.

The Labour Party Rule Book at Chapter 2 Clause 1 Paragraph 8 also states the following which any appeal should be based on in my opinion:



5 thoughts on “Purged but lets get the timeline of events clear as all very weird

  1. hmm the blairites are scared the blairites are worried corbyn going to put honesty back in that house of ill repute but getting rid of his support well we all know that its wrong but they still do it hmm corbyn has boss hasnt he the right to open back the local party so they can start to deselected mps there is no other way has greedie mps will attack jc at every turn me i upset my mp the first time she said shes supporting owen ouch i called her a few choice words nah i wouldnt give them the chance to deny me jeff3

  2. Leon this is as Disgraceful as the way the MPs refusing to follow the same rule book they quote – I’m waiting on my letter any day as my vote still isn’t here despite 4 reports of non arrival and numerous assurances it is ‘on the way’?!

    Effectively this is their attempt to redesign Labour in their image and THAT is a Party I do not wish to belong to xx

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