Rio 2016 – We are the SuperHumans

Anyone watched the advert on channel 4 for the paralympic games about to start?


Don’t know about you but it made me crawl in disgust portraying them in such a way like there disabilities make them some Super Human, in a way perhaps they are given what they have gone through in all the years up to that point, but they do not show that on TV and thus many will not understand that.

Maybe if the broadcasters  showed the daily struggles they have in competing it would be different but that side will never be shown.

The struggles packing ready to go to such an event, the struggles travelling and getting the carers to assist the struggles eating, sleeping, managing the pain many will have whilst away the struggles ensuring they have medical back up, the struggles getting up and ready in the morning, the struggles putting on and taking of artificial limbs etc. etc. you see what I am getting at they may not feel they are Super Human behind the scenes as everything is 2, 3, 4 times harder and it is that which you will not see which makes them Super Human not the competing itself.

We too must remember that not all disabled citizens can reach those sporting achievements just the same as not all able bodied can and thus we must not have a repeat of London 2012 were many felt put out after the event including some of those paralympians who lost support and benefit entitlements.

They all make me proud for what they achieve but they are still disabled who need support and help now and in the future and just because they have attained a high level of training to compete in sport does not mean they do not face the same barriers in life other disabled citizens do.

To that end I wish them all well and can bring home a stack of golds because they would have earned them far more in my eyes than able bodied Olympians. .