#IDSMustGo #TwitterStorm

This is the first blog post I have made about a #TwitterStorm because I feel it is that important and Iain Duncan Smith must pay for his incompetency not only over his inactions over the #DWPDeaths but a host of other reasons too, he is a danger to us all.

So this is a call out for Unity and many new faces to join us on Saturday 29th August @ 7pm for a #TwitterStorm, lets make our feelings known via Press and Media that this inhuman is no long needed or wanted and time is now for him to fall on that sword he has been swinging for the last 5+ years

CNhCbT2WEAAj8RrPlease spread the word all Social Networks and via mouth on the street lets make this the biggest #TwitterStorm ever

Thank you.


3 thoughts on “#IDSMustGo #TwitterStorm

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  2. He is certainly a real life danger to the sick and disabled that’s for sure and he needs to go so that those sick and disabled left alive can get a little respite from him over the past few years

    I wish you well Leon with your #TwitterStorm

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