Open Letter to Harriet Harman in Support of Jayne Linney

Dear Ms Harman

I watched your Statement on SkyNews today in regards to infiltration of Leadership vote and whilst I agreed with what you had to say if that was indeed what was happening I can assure you that is not the case and innocents are being denied their vote.

One such person of many more is Jayne Linney, she had an email revoking her just vote.

She is a strong supporter of the Labour Party who does uphold the principals and values of it, so much so she was a past member but revoked that membership due to issues at local level, however that does not mean she does not support the broad aim of it, indeed she still remained a supporter and voted as such and never turned to another party.

Many have been disillusional of Labour of late that does not mean they have totally turned their backs on the party far from it and as the support for Mr Corbyn shows and which Labour must embrace.

Jayne Linney has fought hard for some of the most marginalised in Society, she is exactly the person the Labour Party should appeal too and for that reason I ask you to look into this and reinstate her vote as mistakes are being made.

Thank you

Kindest Regards

Leon Carter


3 thoughts on “Open Letter to Harriet Harman in Support of Jayne Linney

  1. same here denied, too £20 full annual sub at disabled level, rejected but will take money and I have to pay around £100 for right to appeal and be full member and £10 to access secret files kept on me asking them why they say it is good for more disabled to die and where are my pensions you stole? Yes CHEATS!!

    The way they did it works like an online fraudulent email scam asking for money then asking for further more money from vulnerable and disabled.

    Labour tricks as usual, A chance for a new start ruined. Corrupt and contemptuous of their members and electorate as they usually are


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