An Open Letter to Jeremy Corbyn MP

Dear Jeremy

I have been following your leadership campaign closely on social media and you have ignited that spark in politics to the point were I have never been so excited and thus cling on to the hope that you will win and may I say by a landslide will be even better.

I note that you have a rally in my area at the Hilton at the Ageas Bowl Southampton on the 25th August 2015 to which I have accepted your RSVP and look forward to that very much.

I have voted for you as only you offer everything that appeals to me, you see I do not make my decision on age, race or gender but on what each candidate has to offer in way of policy ideas I also totally discount what the right wing say as you not being a future Prime Minister as I believe that will be decided in the coming years as to how you perform as leader and the policies you put forward for that term as PM, indeed quite simply it is no ones place to make such assumptions.

The Tories have no moral compass they are devoid of any understanding, compassion or empathy of citizens they proclaim to represent and believe that business and corporates are the be all and the key to prosperity I believe that is far from the case and is at loggerheads with the very fabric of society were everyone gets a fair chance. They will tell you no regulation is needed but the fact is with no regulation the banks and corporates have been aloud to run fast and lose without a care for consumers, but it is ironic without those consumers they are nothing.


I no longer work or rather I do and more harder than many but you see it is not recognised as work and is poorly paid for the effort I put in, you see I am a full time carer for my mum in law who among other illnesses and diseases has alzheimers added to this I am also an SAH/Stroke Survivor I say Survivor because my brain bleed was 25 years ago but have none the less been left with both mental and physical disabilities witch despite what IDS and the defunct DWP say is a lifelong illness, I have long accepted this fate dealt to me but what a shame that this current Govt have not.

Despite my SAH/Stroke I was not one to remain in a wheelchair so fought hard with physiotherapy after 3 months in an induced coma to get myself as fit as possible and back to work, this I achieved 18 months later and managed to stay in fulltime work until the hight of the global banking crash in 2007/08 where I was made redundant.

Do you remember David Cameron saying that no one should claim benefits unless they have a real need? well I think my need is real but despite that I never claimed any DLA from my return to work in 1992 until my redundancy in 2007 my mistake and perhaps I was a fool but my reasoning was that I was earning enough and paying my dues and thought it would be better needed when the time comes that I cannot work so in effect saved the Govt shed loads before Cameron even made that bold statement.

DLA care at the middle rate is now all I get and is my only income besides my wife’s part time earnings although to her bless her it does not feel part time with what she does at home too!

Now getting further work was going to be harder for me in the labour market due to walking with a gait, having a dysfunctional claw right hand etc but I tried none the less and managed to get agency work for 12 months until that dried up too so discussion was needed with my wife and family on what to do.

It was decided that I take over the caring my wife did for her mum and she increased her hours at work from 15 to 30 hours although that triggered her losing carers allowance.

Can you see the constant juggling we have to do in order to stay within the law set by Govt while they carry on raping public funds in expenses glad you are not one of those either by the way.

Since Cameron’s Austerity War on citizens we have suffered as a family unit in many ways from housing my older son his partner and their son to supporting my younger son whilst he was treated very poorly by #JobSanctionPlus as I refer to them, he was sanctioned in his second week for missing an appointment which was an appointment they changed and the letter never got here in time they was brutal and reduced my son to tears in the end he said sod them and signed off and went about getting a job himself which he did do 4 weeks later in the field of music which was his aim and is a very good guitar player but we will always have that burning question why couldn’t DWP have supported him for those few weeks after all as has been proved with his music qualifications and knowledge it was not going to take him that long.

We as a family are not scroungers or any other derogatory word this Govt care to use but like many families have a unique set of circumstances that a bit of support would have gone a long way but this Govt is devoid of any compassion understanding or empathy and is causing a great waste.

As for our mother we love her to bits and would go to hell and earth to do anything for her but none the less is a strain on our marriage and thus we long the day for a few hours on our own but the care for her is not their for us to do that so we carry on as we are as it is better than another costly care bill for Govt.

Anyway as you can see we long for a new direction where everyone is equal everyone is included and where the conditions are right for me to ease back in to work again.

I believe time is right to end this Tory doom and gloom to everyone’s lives I believe it can be done we are one of the richest nations on this planet after all with great skills to take us forward and I believe you are the man to do it.

Kindest Regards

Leon Carter


11 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Jeremy Corbyn MP

  1. “The Tories have no moral compass they are devoid of any understanding, compassion or empathy of citizens”… Really?

    You need to stop demonizing and caricaturing right-wing people and ideas like this. Conservatives have morals and compassion too. We just see a different route to the better, more just society that we all want.

    You have no idea how nauseatingly, off-puttingly morally sanctimonious these attacks on the “Evil Tories” sound to those who are not die-hard left-wingers. It’s a surefire way for Labour to keep losing election after election…

    • I have approved your comment but only so I can reply because I strongly refute everything you have said and to be honest I could not give a fly fig if my post is nauseating or off putting to right wingers because they need to wake the fuck up to the harm these vile tories are doing to many citizens

      I will never ever stop demonising them because demons they are and sorry they have no morals or compassion but for the benefit of doubt I will screen print your comment and post it on twitter and ask if that is the case.

      Good Day

      • Enjoy marinating in your moral self-righteousness. I’m sure your left wing echo chamber will give the validation that you need to hear, that you are a hero and I am a monster.

      • I am no hero and never said I was, my guess is that you are thoroughly pissed off with the masses of people turning their backs on austerity and tory doom and gloom Cameron is a liar and has been caught out/

        You are a monster because I find your words hurtful because you have no idea at all what I or my family has been put through so just piss off

      • If you can’t take the heat of debate and defend your position with reasoned argument, maybe don’t write a public blog where you call everyone who votes Conservative an evil, heartless monster.

        Must be strange seeing the world in such stark black and white terms, as you clearly do.

      • There we go making assumptions, you seem to forget it was the Tories who started their war on the disabled, ill, unemployed etc by using derogatory words and that no tory supporters spoke out and accepted it so yes they are everything I have said they break the law as if they are above it in a court of law I may add DWP is defunct and wastes billions and what for to cover the arses of Cameron et all.

      • Come on then I am waiting for it, suppose you are going to say well that was the press and media and not actual words of Govt so ill give you my answer to that now, BALONEY the Govt own the press they give the press word for word press statements for publication

      • If you want to support the tories that is your choice and is democracy but I am not going to bow to you or the tories and I WILL tell it as I see it that is my choice too

        End off good bye before I am forced to block you

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