Why I support Jeremy Corbyn


I can no longer go along with “better”, I want Labour to offer “different”

Labour’s establishment, is focused on making Labour re-electable as a government. Power matters more than ideology because after all what is the point of being ideologically sound but never having power? Surely any Labour government would be better than a Tory one? Power is the only thing that enables Labour to make a difference to the lives of the people who support it.

temp3That’s the deal that has been offered to the party’s left-wing for years. Tread water on a socialist agenda in exchange for a united party that can achieve power to make people’s lives better. As a left winger, I bought this deal in the 1990s. Me and many others like me parked our socialism to go along with the New Labour project. And the Labour governments from 1997 did enact a number of…

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