Jeremy Corbyn cant lead – The Myth

So all the Myth that Jeremy Corbyn cannot lead the party as a future Prime Minister is coming out now and quite frankly it is bullshit, baloney, simple not true and a Myth – chose your word.

It is so because like all Prime Ministers before him it is simply to early to make such a bold statement because the number key that defines a good Prime Minister who can lead is his thinking, his policies and his Manifesto that he will be taking through Parliament as well as a good dose of Character which by the way he has shown to already score on that point.

Fact is many have had enough of the Corporate and MP elites who drain the nations wealth from the bottom to the top cutting very vital services that are not only needed by them but by us too, those services are the driver of a fit society that is ready for the 21st century.

Last night me and my Family had front-line experience of these cuts to services and it was not a nice experience it was degrading and humiliating not only to us trying to help but more so to our mum who through no fault of her own rolled out of bed onto the hard floor.

She is elderly at 87 years old and due to rheumatoid arthritis in most of her joints and being a large lady needed the help of the NHS Falls team and thus an ambulance team with a inflatable lift to get her up, she also has alzheimers so trying to explain to her why the crew is taking so long is very hard.

They came out in just under 4 hrs not good enough but not the fault of the NHS and Ambulance Service as they do a good job under much pressure no this lays squarely at the doors of David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt as they caused it and I am rightly angry.

Instances like this are happening right across the UK and worse and it leads on with other services as many are entwined that is the frontline that many a good citizen is not happy about and more of the same is not good enough and it is time to take back what is ours that all have worked hard to gain in their lifetimes.

Now you toriy MP’s and supporters can moan and grind your teeth at what you are seeing but it changes nothing because you carry on pissing off enough people and the balance swings to the left that has always been the case in history and what we are seeing now is that cut off.

As for Mr Corbyn the public are loving him and what he is offering and in the cause of this draconian parliament he will form his policies going forward into the next term and that you disbelievers is what defines if he can lead as a Prime Minister and going by what he has already said he appeals and thus the public who by the way are the very people who democratically form a Government will decide not ministers, tory donors, think tanks or corporates as we the public are the rulers of our own destinies.

Finally as for the Red Tories I urge you to follow Labours own rules and democratic due process as you are not doing yourselves any favours and will be frowned upon.

As for we should be very worried someone please tell me why because I do not see it and after all if we should be scared it should be for the last term and this one.

#JezWeCan #JezHeCan #StorminCorbyn


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