Filing a class-action lawsuit against the government

The Austerity problems that Greece is facing and yes I take my hat off too Yanis Varoufakis and the Greek peoples as they are right to stand firm against Austerity because it is not working and indeed was never meant to work in the way we all think this is one massive lie and the British people like the Greeks and indeed the rest of Europe are suffering much harm and suffering.

As each day passes I can see no sense in Austerity what so ever and is just a means to rape the ordinary citizen to feather the nests of the 1% of the population as well as swelling the coffers of Corporations the very entities that caused all this mess.

The banks carry on as if nothing has happened the bankers carry on drawing ever increasing fat bonuses Ceo’s of big Corporations carry on getting fat salaries and bonuses MP’s carry on being excessive in there pay-rises that are well above inflation and ever increasing expenses and not to mention a further cut to 40p in tax.

All in it together are you fucking kidding me Cameron?

Then we have the Hedge Funders buying up businesses and running them into the ground to sell off for a quick buck and not to mention the sell off of our many once fantastic public assets often again for a quick buck and well below their true value just to appease the corporations.

The way Govt has run down the NHS to deceive the public and make it appear as prime for sell-off is nothing short of criminal and a national scandal.

We also have millions if not billions across all Govt departments being wasted Universal Credit is a prime example of that waste on IT just pause for a moment and think how that waste could have been better spent because it does beg the question was welfare reform really necessary because I for one do not think so and the many deaths that it has caused could have been avoided without a doubt.

Right now I am a sad person on the outside who has done much research and is looking inside and seeing much carnage both that has happened and about to happen on on that score right now I am thinking of those disabled people with the most need having their Independent living fund closed tomorrow 30th June 2015 what will become of them because despite it being transferred to local councils to administer they do not have the funds and what funds they do have is being used elsewhere due to council funding cuts, indeed their situation is very bleak indeed

There is as you know much much more and too much to explain in one blog but you have all witnessed it so I believe well aware but putting it all together it is the most draconian cuts we have ever seen in our lifetimes and indeed Thatcher was a puppy compared to Cameron.

We as a nation of wonderful people have to rise up and just as we have seen with the Greeks fightback but how do we do that I hear you say because many of us have taken to the streets, lobbied MP’s etc what else can we do?

Take a look at Mike Sivier’s fight to get the death stats released and the petition backing it by Maggie Zolobajluk that has gained close to a quarter of a million signers that is a feat to be proud off, but we can do it again this time backing a petition to bring a class action to sue the UK Government to end this phoney austerity.

You can find it here:

Filing a class-action lawsuit against the government

It has a world class barrister interested if it gets enough support from UK Citizens and thus why I am backing it and writing this blog

You can read up on Michael Mansfield QC here:

Michael Mansfield QC

And a bit from the petition writer here:

Will you help me spread the word? We’re filing a massive class-action lawsuit against the British Conservative government over its massively unpopular Austerity plans. We have a Human Rights lawyer’s support, and we CAN WIN THIS. Get involved, Tweet to Mansfield Chambers @MansfieldQC and myself @TonyPeterLaing that you want to sign up.
And please, SHARE THIS MESSAGE WITH ALL YOUR FRIENDS via any and every means at your disposal, including but not limited to facebook, twitter, email and word-of-mouth. Let’s get this going viral.
My email address is:
People can also contact Michael Mansfield QCs Chambers directly, to tell him how important this is to them, and how much they value his support, and how popular this is already and it’s quickly going to go viral..

And finally I do not need to tell you that Evidence for such a case is in abundance indeed the internet as well as what citizens have saved is awash

So lets get this viral using the hashtag #SueTheTories and get as many signatures to this excellent petition as possible as the consequences going forward do not bare thinking about.


4 thoughts on “Filing a class-action lawsuit against the government

  1. “…All in it together are you fucking kidding me Cameron?…”
    Ahhh, but SOME of us are MORE in it than others. Isn’t that a quote from George Orwell’s Animal Farm?

    Well if it wasn’t, it should have been. (“All animals are equal. But some animals are MORE EQUAL than others.” said the Chief Pig.)

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