Anyone worried about protecting the welfare state should concentrate on kicking out the Tories – Debbie Abrahams

Politics and Insights

 For the past five years the public have been subjected to propaganda about welfare by the Tories. The “scrounger” scapegoating rhetoric has been shaped entirely by Tory ideology, simply to justify their aim to strip back all of our social support provision, ultimately. Anyone who doubts this should read: Follow the Money: Tory Ideology is all about handouts to the wealthy that are funded by the poorand Briefing on How Cuts Are Targeted. If the Tories gain office for a second term, they will completely dismantle what is left of our welfare provision. The intention is explicit – expressed in policies such as the welfare “reforms” and in the plan to cut a further £12billion from welfare.

It was with therefore with disgust that I watched some of the fringe party supporters take one line out of context from a 45 minute summary of Labour welfare policy…

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