Hard Working People (Working Families) what the Hell is that

My first blog in a while due to being in a state of confusion over the election, so with this one I want to try and address and debunk the Governments meaning of the term “Hard Working People and/or Working Families” because both the two main parties love to use it although there meaning is somewhat of a myth.

They appear to use “Hard Working People and/or Working Families” as to mean those who bring in a wage/salary and anyone who does not does not matter or enter there heads as contributing to the economy this is very wrong and a myth.

The Tories go a step further and add the word “Hard” in front as if that will gain those Working Families more respect and better prosperity which in reality is not always the case due to that knock back effect that we all get in our paths of life.

Are the many many unpaid carers not hard working who happen to save the Govt thousands by caring for there loved ones at home and thus making a contribution to the economy? Are Disabled Citizens who who keep the wheels of industry in the need for adapted vehicles and disability aids not hard working and contributing to the economy? Are the Social Security recipients who at a point in there lives who need to draw on what they have paid in not making a contribution to the economy after all most if not all of what they receive is spent and helping the economy and helping to keep people in jobs?

This term “Hard Working People and/or Working Families” means nothing to me as it holds little relevance of how I see people as I happen to believe they are worth more than that as human beings and thus I can see past it and I strongly suggest the Labour Party stop using it as we all in some way have worth and all make some contribution to society and the economy.

This sort of rhetoric can be expected from the tories, but it should not be expected from labour as not only does it go against there founding principals it is also doing them much harm for #GE2015 as there are many waiting in the wings to give them the vote and get a majority Govt which this nation is crying out for but are held back by this Tory bullshit.

So come on Mr Miliband you have to try harder as many are itching to put that X against a Labour Candidate but have not heard enough yet and thus remain unconvinced, but need to know you stand for all no matter of race or disability.

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