The death of JC+ The birth of JS+

I expect most people claiming either JSA or ESA have been subject to a sanction or a threat of one and this has a snowballing effect on other help and support and ultimately leading to eviction.

With little over 80 days until #GE2015 and our chance to have our say via a vote we must continue to fightback against this inhumane practise of belittling the poor and less well off and everyone involved with it whether that be central or local government should hold there heads in utter shame that too applies to anyone who supports it.

I have already been unfairly kick off ESA so the threat of a sanction will not affect me, but I still not help thinking about all those who have, indeed the future scares the hell out of me.

Anyway getting back to Job Centre Plus it was once a place I felt proud off as it was a place you could go for real help from people I believed did care and went out of there way to help you get back on track with loads of help, support and tools.

If you have been in a Job Centre during this term of Parliament you will see and hear that is no longer the case and it is fact a place to avoid at all costs indeed it’s name “Job Centre Plus” is very deceiving as you would rightly think it was the place to go to for help and support after all more hands make light work right?


The name “JobCentre Plus” above every building is now a big fat lie and has been since May 2010 as it is nothing off the sort, however we can correct that and I now ask you to use and type the term:

JobSanction Plus

As that is more to the truth as to what they do and what is there ultimate aim to sanction and bring down the JSA and ESA bill via sanctions and they do that with little to no help at all to there claimants in seeking employment and the real way to bring down out of work benefits.

There should be the tools needed with real jobs on display, phones, computers and an abundance of literature freely available giving the information on courses available indeed it is a place that should be working with Colleges and Universities too a one stop shop.

I am for one disgusting with IDS and his DWP who are directly responsible for what they have turned Job Sanction Plus into

Lets all hope the next Government can turn it around before it dies


7 thoughts on “The death of JC+ The birth of JS+

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  2. Reblogged this on Jay's Journal and commented:
    Leon is so right – I remember the days when they helped you look for work and had actual JOBS on display. I couldn’t work in one of those places knowing full well you are there to sanction people ‘cos let’s face it, what else do they do?

    • From the day you put two feet in the door to sign on you are a target to get off the stats, those places are very unwelcoming and do nothing to instil any confidence in you indeed you are far better to avoid as you stand more chance of getting employment by going alone

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