Ed Miliband’s policy pledges at a glance

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Yesterday, Ed Miliband made these 15 promises to every UK voter. We need to share these widely because we know that the mainstream media will never mention them.
With many thanks to Vital Voter Views for this meme.

A summary of Labour’s key policies

100 policy pledges to date

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One thought on “Ed Miliband’s policy pledges at a glance

  1. These proposed 15 promises are all good political message guff ,most of which I would say most decent people couldn’t disagree with ! I take it that they are subscribed in a Manifesto that cannot be altered or changed and must be adhered to by even the Bilderbug Deputy Leaders.
    Sadly however the Labour Party today in 2015 has never stated firm proposals in regard to those in our society who cannot & who or unable to protect themselves. I am referring to approx 11.5 Million Elderly & Disabled voters in the UK & Wales. Lets take as a one case those members of DPAC who have to continue to fight for their right to live supported by the ILF ( which I agree has the support of a just a few 20 or so humanitarian Labour MP’s )
    Legal & representative organisation for either the Disabled or the Elderly do not exist in any political party within the UK Parliament or House of Lords with statutory power! Those that pretend to hold such laurels above their heads are mainly charities, some of whom are very dubious. These consistently do offer policies towards the Elderly & Disabled to the Establishment and Government as a divide & conquer agenda technique. i.e Spread the chicken scraps on the floor and let them all peck away the crumbs ” Somewhat like the survival of the fittest philosophy practised by Nazi regimes ” Now re-gathering as a storm in the current UK political arena.
    Atos stage 1 is now been finished off as it was found to be incompetent & dysfunctional. We now have it reborn again:- Enter Maximus the born again slayer of humanity in the UK with its reborn again Atos Generals & stunted rebel soldiers. Who have been assisted by some of those unreal humanitarian socialists residing in the higher clouds of the US Born Again Style Labour Party 2014/5. Loaned out on by courtesy of TTIP mongrel’s & their branch controllers of Saudi Arabia & the USofA. .
    For myself I believe that we can judge this civilisation by the manner in which it protects & nourishes those who are unable to protect themselves. Hence my concerns as a retired Trade Unionist on it’s failings.

    signed The Real Sparticus !
    Methusalada. A real alive registered disabled pensioner.

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