Self – Servative Mug Campaign

This email appeared in my email inbox:

Get your limited edition ‘Securing a better future’ mug – donate £20 to our campaign today.
While Labour are bankrolled by the trade unions, we rely on hardworking people like you.
People who back our long-term economic plan and don’t want a return to higher taxes, more debt and a stalled economy with Labour.
By donating £20 to our campaign today, you’ll help us reach more voters in the seats that will decide the next election – and help stop Ed Miliband from becoming Prime Minister.
In return, we’ll send you a great ‘Securing a better future’ mug. We only have a limited number – but we’ve reserved one for you, Rebecca. So please – donate £20 today and we’ll get it in the post for you:

Conservative Campaign HQ
PS These mugs would make a great stocking filler for the Conservative supporters in your life. Donate £20 today so we can get it out in time for Christmas. (Final post date: 14th December)

Obviously not happy with the millions they get from there Tory donors and big business they are turning to us already hard pinched general public for funds, it is ironic that they are are throwing an appetiser at us in the form of a £1 Mug is that what they really think of us as, Mugs.

Cameron and Co take a running jump as I am no fucking MUG

Your emails now set as SPAM there rightful home.


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