AAD Closure Threat – 23rd November 2014

I am a moderator on a very special consumer forum, I say special because it has helped me and my family no end in debt matters that were the result of becoming redundant and disabled so in effect through no fault of my own but purely the circumstances I found myself in.

It was a very difficult period as the phone calls and threat letters were almost constant, indeed they the creditors took no account at all of the situation I was in those situations capitalists care not about as they just want your money and you are immediately marked as a will not pay which is untrue as I had all the will to pay my creditors but the finances were not there to do so.

Now why am I telling you all this

Because I am no different to many others in the same or similar situation as I was but in the main we all seek a remedy to put us in a better financial situation and this is were All About Debt Forum came in to it’s own as a resource as good as any other with like-minded people at there keyboards ready to offer help and advice for free, this group of people knew more than me about the law, rules and regulations than I did thus they was able to help whilst staying within the bounds of legislation indeed they were no different to any other forum on the thousands of topics that you can find on the internet today.

Now we find the forum is under threat of closure by none other than the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) this I see as an abuse of the good work this forum has done for many people who come to us in a state of panic, frustration and worry not knowing which way to turn but need a level head of knowledge to help them gain control, this forum takes no payment at all for this knowledge that other people have learned indeed that is all it is people learning from others and surely that has to be commended as after all we are not a debt avoidance forum (tax avoidance comes to mind but more on that in another blog) but help people to find ways to pay if the debts are owed to creditors, but we also fightback if they are not as many come to us with debts that are Statutory Barred and or Unenforceable which is not the fault of the debtor but all the fault of the creditor for using agreements that are not legal within the CCA 1974 or they have failed to collect in time.

Lets also remember and understand some people will go to other organisations for help and guidance like the CAB for instance which is fine, but they may find themselves in a situation were they cannot get an appointment in time or need some friendly words out of there opening times so again this is where we fit in nicely as we are a 24/7 forum even during public holidays were is usually someone here.

I hope that the FCA will see the light of day and recognise the good the forum does as we have done NOTHING WRONG and have followed the law at every stage.

Below is a link from the AAD Webmaster:






3 thoughts on “AAD Closure Threat – 23rd November 2014

  1. I recall in the 80s I was working at a ‘Self-Help’ org, we did precisely what you describe but in person; what interested me about this post Leon was, we too became a target of the Thatcher Cuts! I wonder if it is about Power – anything that works to empower those more vulnerable is a threat to the Social Control Agenda?

    Every wish for the Very Best xx

    • Jayne so not to risk the forum due to the large user base it has built up we are calling on the FCA to work with us in order for it to comply in there minds and not use a sledgehammer to crack a nut which has been there stance to date.

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